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Los Feliz
Winter 2020
Community Workshops

LoveBug & Me - Los Feliz Studio
1949 Hillhurst Ave (across from Jeni's)
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Located across from Jeni's Ice Cream on Hillhurst Avenue. Pedestrian entrance is on the right side of the building as you face the building from the street, behind the Carol Young store (next to the ivy lined fence). This is a shoe free facility so please be prepared to remove your shoes in the lobby.

It can sometimes be challenging to park, especially on weekends. Here is the official information about parking at our venue:

1. Walking is best if you live close by. You can bring your stroller into our lobby or we will lend you a bike lock to secure it outside. Free parking is available on side streets. Metered parking is available on Hillhurst.

2. To access our lot, use the narrow driveway to the LEFT of our building. You'll see a drawing of the Wizard of Art and Vamp Shoes. Use caution because this is only a one-way driveway. Those exiting should yield to those entering by backing up. Also use caution when pulling out onto Hillhurst as it is difficult to see. Once you are in the lot, walk to the left as you face the building to find our studio (3rd door down).

3. We have only 2 designated spots in our lot behind our building marked LOVEBUG / DVORAK, located on the LEFT middle.

4. Please do NOT park in any other tenant spots or the next door lot at Moti / Massage Envy. We do not want our neighbors to get mad at us. And they will not hesitate to come in during class to ask you to move... or call a tow truck. See exceptions below.

5. Everyday UNTIL 10:30AM- ONLY the 9 or 9:30am classes can also park in Liza Shtromberg Jewelry spots. Must vacate by 10:30am.

6. Mondays - Fridays + Sundays UNTIL 1:45PM - You may also park in the Wizard of Art parking spots. (Does NOT include Saturdays or Summer!) Must vacate by 1:45pm!

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Los Feliz