SAFETY WORKSHOP: Safely Ever After
Pattie Fitzgerald, Child Safety Educator
Los Feliz (location map)
Saturday, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
01/25/20 (1 day)



This is a highly-acclaimed adults-only workshop, focusing on: the myth of stranger-danger & why it doesn’t work with children, understanding how “tricky people” operate, recognizing red flag warning signs and grooming tricks, the Super 10 Safety Rules for children & adults, keeping kids safe around people you know, don’t know, or know a little bit, establishing healthy boundaries, and introducing the safety conversation in a non fearful manner with your kids. 

We also discuss ways to instill the message of being the “boss of their bodies” so children are less vulnerable to the exploits or abuse of a tricky person. In addition, we review common sense solutions to things like playdates, sleepovers, after school activities, public restrooms, etc. Runs at least 90 minutes and is very interactive seminar. Recommended for parents of kids of any age, even babies.

Tuesday, Nov 19 @ 7pm - Pasadena
1357 N Hill Ave.

Saturday, Jan 25 @ 2pm - Los Feliz
1949 Hillhurst Ave

$35 per person (adults only)

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