We are so happy to be able to provide face-to face classes again, and we want to once again extend our thanks and immense gratitude for your patience, understanding, flexibility and support during these strange times. It has been so wonderful to stay connected with your little ladybugs but we’re VERY excited about seeing them all in person again!

As you are probably aware, as we all open up for business there are many new hygiene measures in place, and at Ladybug we take these very seriously as the health and safety of our Ladybug families is a priority. help us create a wonderful safe & healthy  learning space, please take a moment to look over our policies before your first class.




Classes will be much smaller than usual, and families will be spaced around the room to allow for social distancing. As a result, we will not be squeezing everyone onto our rugs, so please feel free to bring something for you and your little one to sit on - a picnic blanket, yoga mat, a cushion...this will help you create a little area just for you!



It’s a hard one - after all these years of teaching them to share, we now have to tell our little ones the opposite! Preparation is key here: take a moment to explain to them in advance of your class that we still get to use the instruments, but we’ll hold onto the same ones for that song. No swapsies. We ask you as caregivers to help us out with this one...and we’ll try to make sure they get the right coloured shaker! Oh - and ALL used  instruments will go into the “wet bucket” and won’t be re-used until they are cleaned.



We absolutely love having grandma & grandpa visiting the class, however while number restrictions are in place for group gatherings, we can only accommodate ONE adult for each child. The NSW government has created very strict guidelines for this and sadly we can’t allow any extras at this stage. 


  • SCARF GIFT (Term 3 2020 only)

As a welcome back gift and special for Winter Session (term 3), each child will receive a scarf of their own for our popular scarf dance. This can be taken home and washed, and you can bring it back to each class knowing that it is fresh and clean and just for you. Grown-ups...we’ll provide one for you in class and like the instruments, they will be washed before being used again. 



As usual, we will all leave shoes at the door. Sanitiser and wipes will be available for all families before and during class. Please use sanitiser on the way in. For extra care please remember to wash hands with soap and water before and after class, using the loos or family room in the building.