photo Clare Stevenson

Clare grew up in Australia in a very musical household, playing the piano and violin from age 6 and singing in a band with her brothers in high school. She went on to get a Bachelor of Creative Arts with a Theatre major and eventually travelled to Europe where she continued performing with various theatre groups, and then on to New York to study theatre at The Neighborhood Playhouse. Clare met her husband in New York, and stayed there for a total of 8 years, performing in theatre, film, and doing commercials and voice-overs. They eventually moved to Los Angeles and started a family, and discovered Ladybug Music when she brought her son to class and thought, “hey – I wanna do THAT!” She then had a second little one, and while making music a big part of her new family’s life, was so happy to have the opportunity to bring music into the lives of other little ones as well.

Now, after teaching numerous sessions with Ladybug Music in Los Angeles she and her family have made the move back to Australia and she is thrilled to be bringing Ladybug and it’s fabulous music to Aussie children!