Little Wings Music for Tots


Wednesday morning classes at Laurelhurst Community Center are handled separately.
To register for classes at Laurelhurst, please call (206) 684-7529 

To contact Miss Charlotte directly, email: agirlwithaguitar (at) netos (dot) com.  


Fall 2018
Summer 2018
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Little Wings Parent-Tot Class (14 weeks)

Fun, active music and movement class for kids age 6 months - 4 years with a parent or guardian. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move around a lot in class!

We sing, we dance, we play musical games and a good time is generally had by all. The syllabus includes music and games from around the world, including Latin America, Germany, France, the British Isles, Finland, Africa and more. It's a great way to meet other moms (or dads), and little ones love both the class and the CDs that go with them. Each quarter, we use a different selection of music and your class fee includes a book and CD of the music we will use in class. Parents consistently tell me my CDs are on repeat in their stereo and that they are the only thing their kiddo wants to listen to in the car.

Research consistently shows that exposing young children to music improves their cognitive, language and musical skills later in life. Babies and toddlers have more connective tissue in their brains, and active musical play actually strengthens their brains' white matter, enabling them to interpret musical tones and rhythms better than you or I probably can. Years of teaching music to young children has shown me that kids can more easily hear tonal and pitch differences than adults, and if they solidify that ability now, it will stay with them for life.

Little Wings Parent-Tot Class: Free Preview

This is a sample of our regular class, offered free of charge for one day. Tell your friends to come try it out and see how much fun we have! 

Kids Band (Voice & Instruments)

Ages 5-9. Students can participate as singers, ukelele players, or both. 

Building on the format of Miss Charlotte's highly successful Music for Tots program, this fun and active one-hour class is an opportunity for kids to build skills for making music with others - such as timing, rhythm and ear training - and explore methods of musical expression. Children will sing songs together in a small group, accompany themselves and each other with instruments (such as shakers and ukeleles) and gain confidence in their ability to sing, play and improvise musically. We will also play music games and enjoy some time-honored, ever-popular circle dances and clapping games from 
around the world! 

The seasonal session (12-14 weeks) will culminate with a short group performance for family and friends.

All children will be encouraged to sing and play hand percussion instruments in class. Children who wish to incorporate a ukelele into their participation must have their own ukelele and advance permission from the instructor. 

To help launch this brand new program, it is being offered this fall at a deep discount, and combination Band / Ukelele Lesson packages are available - please inquire!