Music Together® ONLINE CLASSES
Tiny Treble Makers
Ms. Rachel
Mon, Wed, 10:00 AM - 10:25 AM
09/14/20 - 11/18/20 (10 weeks)

Since the very beginning, Music Together has highly valued their in person live class experiences.  We believe this is the best way to experience music. . .TOGETHER.  But in March 2020, we found ourselves in an unprecedented time where we were being asked to stay home for the safety of others around us, and Music Together Worldwide came through, working around the clock to do what they could to support our individual centers.  This company is amazing, you guys.  They really are.  We have had virtual town hall meetings and worked tirelessly to bring you something that can bring you some joy in the midst of this crazy time we are all living in.  DRUMROLL please!. . . . . . . .


Music Together ONLINE!!!!!! 

We would love to have you all!




DIGITAL ACCESS:  We will offer these online classes via a private facebook group.  You will get two 20-25 minute classes per week.   A Facebook account is required for this.  If you don't do Facebook, simply make an account for this only.  You don't need an elaborate profile to join in.  You simply need an account.  Your semester will be around 80% zoom and 20% pre-recorded.  All of the live zoom classes will be recorded and posted to the private Facebook page.  You will have access to ALL videos ON DEMAND for your convenience! 

REGISTRATION:  Registration is online along with our in-person classes.  Make sure you choose the ONLINE option which will be labeled as such.  You also have the opportunity to purchase an instrument set.  If you live outside of the Waco area, you can select shipping.  Otherwise, you may select porch pick-up.

WHAT FAMILIES RECEIVE:  In addition to the online classes, you will receive the following:  

  • Music Together songbook and CD (includes digital download access)
  • An opportunity to purchase an instrument set
  • At home activity ideas posted regularly
  • Downloadable/printable content and videos from Music Together Worldwide

What about siblings?  We charge per family for our online classes.

COST:  See current registration details on our website once it opens.  Registration cost varies depending on the length of the semester.

REFUNDS:  Your tuition is fully refundable up until the second the first class begins.  If we post the first class on a Monday at 10am, then at that time, your tuition is no longer refundable.  You can send your cancellation via email to I will go off of the time stamp on the email when I make the decision to refund.  We have posted a few interactive videos on our Facebook page.  Feel free to view those to see if you would be interested in our online classes as a way to "try them out" before you commit.  The level of interaction will be in line with what you see there.  Also check out our reviews!  We have a wonderful time together.

But wait, we don't believe in screen time for young children:  GOOD!  I don't either!  In all seriousness, I advise against screentime, however we are living in a unique time, and we need each other and interaction.  We need music.  We need activities to enjoy with our children right now.  Extended screen time is very much discouraged at this age, but what we are offering is only 20 minutes, and it is meant to be interactive WITH YOU.  You will be interacting and singing with your child.  And that is the difference.  If you would like, you can view our class videos on your own and then lead the class with your child WITHOUT the video!  


Your Participation

We want you to play instruments, dance and act silly! We want you to sing along and learn the songs too! You are their best model. They wantto imitate YOU! With this in mind, we ask you to FIGHT THE URGE to grab your child's arms and force them to do the motions or play instruments. Instead, be a MUSICAL OBSERVER. See what they do. It's ok if they don't do the motions right or even at all! They are still benefitting from the class.  Allowing them to explore freely is an important component of our classes. Enjoy observing and making music WITH them. 

Acting silly is just one important component of a Music Together teacher's training. In fact, we all must display a silly quotient before we can pass the training! As adults, being silly doesn't always come natural, but for kids. . . . .it's just a part of daily life! And they love it when their favorite grown ups get on their level and act silly. So we encourage you all to model this important behavior and be silly along with us. Forget about what you look like and just let loose. You will find that you will feel more relaxed, and you will enjoy the class more. And hey, your child will absolutely love it and will be motivated to be silly too. 

As you become more familiar with the songs, you will feel more comfortable expressing your silly quotient even if it was really hard in the beginning. We are a judge free environment! Dance your heart out!

Upcoming Meetings
10/26/20    10:00 AM Monday 10/26/20 10:00 AM
10/28/20    10:00 AM Wednesday 10/28/20 10:00 AM
11/02/20    10:00 AM Monday 11/02/20 10:00 AM
11/04/20    10:00 AM Wednesday 11/04/20 10:00 AM
11/09/20    10:00 AM Monday 11/09/20 10:00 AM
11/11/20    10:00 AM Wednesday 11/11/20 10:00 AM
11/16/20    10:00 AM Monday 11/16/20 10:00 AM
11/18/20    10:00 AM Wednesday 11/18/20 10:00 AM