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Class Schedule

Summer Session 2018: July 9th - August 25th (7 weeks)

5 Class Pass option: Any 5 classes throughout the summer


***5 class pass holders, here is a schedule of classes to help you determine which ones to attend

Wednesdays: 9am Sprouting Melodies 3 (18mos-3yrs), 10am Sprouting Melodies 2 (9mos-18mos), 11am Sprouting Sibs (0-5yrs), Noon Sprouting Melodies 1 (0-9mos)

Fridays: 10am Sprouting Melodies 3 (18mos-3yrs) FULL call for availability, 11am Sprouting Melodies 1&2 (0-18mos)

Saturdays: 10am Family Sprouts (0-5yrs)





Summer Session
Fall Session 1 2018
Class Descriptions
Class Schedule Start Date Instructor Duration Openings

Sprouting Melodies 2 (6-18 months)
Sprouting Melodies 2 (6-18 months) Wednesday 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Jul 11, 2018 Shannon Flaherty 7 weeks 5 Register

Sprouting Melodies 3 (18 months- 3 years)
Sprouting Melodies 3 (18 months- 3 years) Wednesday 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM Jul 11, 2018 Shannon Flaherty 7 weeks 6 Register
Sprouting Melodies 3 (18 months- 3 years) (Full) Friday 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Jul 13, 2018 Laetitia Brundage 7 weeks -1

Family Sprouts (0-5 years)
Family Sprouts (0-5 years) Saturday 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM Jul 14, 2018 Katie Bagley 7 weeks 7 Register

Sprouting Melodies 1 & 2 (0 - 18 months)
Sprouting Melodies 1 & 2 (0 - 18 months) Friday 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Jul 13, 2018 Laetitia Brundage 7 weeks 10 Register

Sprouting Sibs (0-5 years)
Sprouting Sibs (0-5 years) Wednesday 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Jul 11, 2018 Shannon Flaherty 7 weeks 8 Register

Sprouting Melodies 1 (0-9 mos)
Sprouting Melodies 1 (0-9 mos) Wednesday 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM Jul 11, 2018 Meredith Pizzi 7 weeks 6 Register


Enrollment for an eight-week class | $220 |

Enrollment for a seven-week class | $195 |

Enrollment for a six-week class     | $175 |

Our seven-week Winter Session I begins on January 2nd and runs through February 18th. The session offers a varying schedule Tuesday - Saturday with 45-minute classes featuring early childhood group music classes for child and caregiver, songbooks, expert knowledge and care of music therapist providers, access to early development and music information, and inclusion in the Sprouting Melodies community of children, caregivers, and class providers. Winter Session II will begin on Feburay 20th and runs through April 8th.

Discounts available | early intervention (15% off), siblings/twins (50% off), Repetition Reaps Reward (RRR) (50% off), early-bird, and prorating for late and abbreviated registrations. We also offer incentives to existing Sprouting Melodies for new friend referrals. Discounts are available one per child. 

Scholarships available | Contact our office for more information

Payment methods | AMEX, VISA, MC, and a pay by check/cash option

If you have questions about enrollment, pricing, or classes you may find the answer on our FAQ page.

Test drive a class before enrolling. If you wish to try before you enroll, you may test drive a class. Please note which class you are interesting in test driving and schedule your test drive visit today online or you may call the office at 781-224-3300.


 Sprouting Melodies Annual Membership 

Now offering families a way to stay connected all year long! The Sprouting Melodies Annual Membership starts from the date of enrollment and is valid for twelve months. Perks include pre-registration for the class of your choice, an instrument on your child's birthday and many more! Learn more about the savings and benefits here.