photo Miss Joanne

I have tried many other classes and Musical
Munchkins has been the best, by far. Ms Joanne has such an amazing way of working with the kids. She gets to know each and every child and finds ways of engaging them even when they are reluctant. She is the reason my children love music so much and continue to sing songs everywhere they go. We look forward to attending class each week to see what new fun activity we will be doing. You can see the time, effort, and thought that goes in to planning each week’s lessons. It is much more than a music class- Ms. Joanne provides the children with opportunities to learn new skills each week in fun and exciting ways!!!

photo Miss Denise


My daughter has been enrolled in Denise’s musical munchkins class since January 2019. It is evident to me how much my daughter has enjoyed coming to Denise’s class these past 6 months. Dena literally shrieks with joy every time we enter the YMCA building when she realizes we are on our way to music class. Denise has been phenomenal! We are so happy we found this class. It has fostered an appreciation for music in our little baby that we didn’t think was possible at her young age! She also does little things at home that she has learned from her class. I am thankful for that and praise Denise for an excellent job.


Denise also teaches piano and flute.  You can find out how to contact her for lessons through this link: https://www.simplyfluteandpiano.com/

photo Miss Janene

We love this class. We have been extremely happy with Miss Janene. She does an excellent job keeping the kids engaged, moving from one activity to the next, as well as encouraging everyone to participate to the extent that they can. She has a great rapport with all of the students. My child’s face lights up when we tell him that we are going to see Miss Janene in music class. She is incredibly patient with the children and the parents. She uses effective strategies to manage the students and to help guide the parents in managing their children. There is great continuity in the days' lessons. Miss Janene seems to very quickly learn who each of the students are and is able to respond to them accordingly. Thank you for the opportunity to provide some feedback, Miss Janene is great!!