Show classes for:
BABY BAND - Infants 2-9mos

Weekly 30+ minute class reserved for infants only. A great first introduction to music class for parents, granparents, care-givers and babies. Activities include stretching/massaging, tummy time, back time, exploring instruments, moving and dancing with baby. Not too loud, very relaxed atmosphere for moms to connect, share tips and learn about their babies in a musical setting. Designed for children not yet walking. Ages 2 to 9 months - 11 week session $165

TOT ROCK - Mixed Ages 3m-5y

Weekly, 45 minute interactive mommy and me class for adultd & kids. We use our original rock tunes as well as a few classic rock faves so everyone can join in the fun. Kids will be introduced to simple rhythm: tapping, clapping, shaking, counting and keeping a beat as well as singing, vocalizing and moving. Adult participation is encouraged. A great class for siblings of varying ages to join together. Ages 3 mos to 5yrs - 11 week Session $240

ROCK N' ME - Drop Off 2.5-5y

Weekly, 55 minute drop off class. The next step after TOT ROCK, this class is designed for siblings, cousins and friends of varying ages to rock out together.

Music, Movement, Arts & Crafts  Ages 2.5 to 5 years - 11 week session $300


Weekly 60 minute group class giving an introduction to the different aspects of theater and musicals. Ages 3-5yrs - 11 week Session $300


For the child who shows an interest in learning an instrument but doesn't know which one, the five 2 week modules will focus on introducing kids to each intstrument with basic music theory that can be used for each. Designed to allow the kids to see which instrument they gravitate toward and to give a foundation for later lessons. This is a perfect starter class for the budding musician. Piano, Guitar, Drums, Singing, Band with handouts and crafts  AGES 4 to 7 years - 11 week Session $300


Weekly 55 minute group class designed to gently introduce kids to these instruments and get them up to speed for private lessons. Lessons include notes and rests, the music staff, musical alphabet, and identifying notes and different parts on each instrument as well as group music games, handouts and crafts. AGES 4 to 7 yrs - 11 week Session $300

Students must bring their own 6 string guitar weekly, but can borrow one of ours for the first class to try it out.


Weekly 55 minute group class designed to gently introduce kids to the keyboard and get them up to speed for private lessons. Lessons include counting, notes and rests, the music staff, musical alphabet, and identifying notes on the keyboard, with weekly handouts and crafts Ages 4-7 years - 11 week Session $300

Keyboards are provided, students are encouraged to have a piano or keyboard at home to practice on.


Is your child always singing around the house? This class will introduce kids to the art of singing and vocal performance. Group singing and dancing, basic sight reading, breathing, pitch and rhythm will be covered. We'll work on their favorite songs from Disney, Nickelodeon and Little Rockers as well as other contemporary artists the kids love. In addition to group songs, each child will get a solo to work on. Ages 5 - 7 yrs - 11 week Session $300

ACTING OUT!, 5-7yrs

Weekly 55 minute group class designed to introduce kids to acting & the theatre.  Working on self expression, acting exercises, improvisation and using our imaginations, we will help the kids create characters and scenes. The class focuses on a wide range of creative activities involving speech, creative movement. Warm ups: stretching, breathing, pretending, Practice: reciting lines, playing a character, and putting on a play. Students will prepare a short play to perform for parents on the last day of class. 

Ages 5 to 7 yrs - 11 week Session $300


GUITAR, BASS, KEYS, PERCUSSION, VOCALS. Weekly one hour group class designed to give kids the experience of trying different instruments in a band setting.  Lessons include reading notes and rests on the music staff, the musical alphabet, identifying notes on each instrument and the basics of a song. Kids should have some instrument experience, otherwise BAND BOOT CAMP may be more appropriate to start.  

Ages 7 to 10 yrs - 11 week Session $300

Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Mics and Percussion are provided, but kids are encouraged to bring their own guitar if they have one

ARTSY KIDS Parent/Child 2-4yrs

Fun, Parent/Child class that will help develop motor skills, creativity and bonding through art.

Weekly 45 minute class will have kids and adults drawing, painting, sketching and crafting. Ages 2 to 5 yrs with adult - 11 week session $240


Five day music themed camp features instrument playing, singing, movement, arts & crafts, free play, movies, stories, karaoke and snack time.

Sign Up for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days

Snack is provided.

Ages 3-7 years

Mornings - 9:00am-12:00pm


On the last Friday of the month, drop the kids off for a 3 hour class and go have dinner at one of the great local restaurants or get some holiday shoppin done!

Activities include: music class, arts & crafts, movement, music games, playtime, karaoke and snack. 5-7pm Ages 3-7years - $45