Studio Encore!
Level Four Pre-Piano for 4s and 5s
Melanie Watson
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church: 128/129 (location map)
Monday, 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM
06/10/19 - 07/29/19 (8 weeks)


For BIG KIDS...Level Four with Pre-Piano for Fours & Fives

If your child loves being with friends and is ready to start building a strong foundation of musical understanding, he'll thrive in the creative environment this class offers.

Your child is understanding there is more to music than just fun and games. He is ready to feel the beat, look at the beat, follow the beat. She can hear the nuances of dynamics, timbre, and mood in the music. You will be amazed at the depth of understanding and musical knowledge your child will gain in Level Four – oh, and there are still a lot of fun and games too! Our last 10 to 15 minutes of class are focused on learning about the piano keyboard, playing songs from our curriculum, and basic techniques for making music at the piano.

You select your monthly subscription of UNLIMITED Kindermusik Digital (your Parent Guide delivered digitally, accessible on any mobile device) classes for only $64 per month or UNLIMITED Kindermusik Digital + Physical (a monthly book and CD and an occasional age-appropriate instrument) classes for just $84 per month.  


Upcoming Meetings
06/10/19    9:30 AM Monday 06/10/19 9:30 AM
06/17/19    9:30 AM Monday 06/17/19 9:30 AM
06/24/19    9:30 AM Monday 06/24/19 9:30 AM
07/01/19    9:30 AM Monday 07/01/19 9:30 AM
07/08/19    9:30 AM Monday 07/08/19 9:30 AM
07/15/19    9:30 AM Monday 07/15/19 9:30 AM
07/22/19    9:30 AM Monday 07/22/19 9:30 AM
07/29/19    9:30 AM Monday 07/29/19 9:30 AM