Studio Encore!
Level Three for 3s and 4s
Melanie Watson
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church: 128/129 (location map)
Monday, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
06/10/19 - 07/29/19 (8 weeks)


For PRESCHOOLERS...Level Three for Threes & Fours

If your preschool-aged child is developing a longer attention span, loves to share ideas, and is learning to wait his turn, this class will support and encourage his blossoming independence.

Wake up! It’s a Kindermusik day!! What will your wildly imaginative child be today? A hero, a cat, a dancer, a pirate? She loves to share her ideas about hopping like a frog around the pond… on top of a mountain… in the snow… with skates on… No matter what or where they are today, we have a song and a dance for that.

You select your monthly subscription of UNLIMITED Kindermusik Digital (your Parent Guide delivered digitally, accessible on any mobile device) classes for only $64 per month or UNLIMITED Kindermusik Digital + Physical (a monthly book and CD and an occasional age-appropriate instrument) classes for just $84 per month.

Upcoming Meetings
06/10/19    10:30 AM Monday 06/10/19 10:30 AM
06/17/19    10:30 AM Monday 06/17/19 10:30 AM
06/24/19    10:30 AM Monday 06/24/19 10:30 AM
07/01/19    10:30 AM Monday 07/01/19 10:30 AM
07/08/19    10:30 AM Monday 07/08/19 10:30 AM
07/15/19    10:30 AM Monday 07/15/19 10:30 AM
07/22/19    10:30 AM Monday 07/22/19 10:30 AM
07/29/19    10:30 AM Monday 07/29/19 10:30 AM