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Kindermusik, the number one name in music and movement education for children, has created new, easy to use, digital home materials to extend the magic and learning of a Kindermusik class into your own home throughout the week. Kindermusik@Home delivers your favorite Kindermusik songs and activities, instrumental music, books, and lyrics—as well as recipes, learning games, crafts, and more in a green-friendly digital format. With each new monthly unit, families receive a treasure trove of developmentally appropriate activities that will give children a lifelong love of music and a strong early foundation for learning. And with each activity, parents learn how and why that activity enhances a child’s learning and development. Kindermusik@Home is available through tablet, mobile, and PC devices—ready to use wherever your family wanders. It’s Kindermusik for you! 


How to access your material:

When you enroll in Kindermusik class at Bucktown Music, we will create a Kindermusik@Home account with your email address we have on file.  

Go to my.kindermusik.com and activate your account using your email address as your Username and create a password.  When you log in, you should have access to the class album, ebook, and music activities.  Be sure to read the parent education section for each activity!

You have the choice to stream the music from a mobile device, or download the music to your computer and transfer it to an ipod, phone, tablet, or burn a CD. Every month you will receive access to a new unit to keep things interesting!

Email jessica@bucktownmusic.com if you have any questions or difficulty accessing your account.

Check out some Sample Activities for each age group:

Babies:  4 Non-Laundry Uses for a Laundry Basket   (From C&B "Little Red Caboose")

Young Toddlers: Finding Family Members Around the House  (From S&P "Family & Friends")

Older Toddlers:  Memory/ Fruit Matching Game (From W&G "Time for Lunch")

Preschoolers:  Recognizing Bird Sounds  (From L&L "Out & About")

Big Kids: Quarter Notes and Quarter Rests (From M&G "Jumping Beans")

A note about Screen Time: Like most parents, we are ever conscious of keeping the amount of screen time to a minimum. At the same time, we are constantly encouraged by parents to make our content available on computers, tablets, and phones, and to develop content not only for parents but for children to interact with directly. All units naturally contain only a small percentage of content that occurs primarily on the screen. (This percentage rises slightly as the age level climbs.) We are truly respectful of all parents' choices about screen time, and hope to be providing materials that are robust and flexible enough to delight our diversity of Kindermusik families.  You always have the option to purchase physical books and CDs with free shipping through your account at my.kindermusik.com.

Click HERE to read the position of the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) and Fred Rogers Institute on screen time.