Wild Salamander Creative Arts Center
Rachel Benson
Wild Salamander (location info)
Mon - Fri, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
08/02/21 - 08/06/21 (5 days)


entering K-2
This camp is all about artistic expression, experimentation and play.  Kids will be encouraged to think outside of the box and explore unique ways of using art materials.   We will play art games,  explore nature, sculpt, paint, and use mixed media.  The focus will be on being in the present moment, enjoying the tactile nature of creation and play.  If you like the idea of mixing art with creative play this is the camp for you.

Upcoming Meetings
08/02/21    1:00 PM Monday 08/02/21 1:00 PM
08/03/21    1:00 PM Tuesday 08/03/21 1:00 PM
08/04/21    1:00 PM Wednesday 08/04/21 1:00 PM
08/05/21    1:00 PM Thursday 08/05/21 1:00 PM
08/06/21    1:00 PM Friday 08/06/21 1:00 PM