Wild Salamander Creative Arts Center
Cindy Dahlstrom
Wild Salamander: Whitty Gallery (location info)
Tuesday, 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM
03/16/21 - 04/13/21 (5 weeks)



We will start with basic shapes and move on to more complex patterns.  The student will learn and practice basic hand sewing skills.  They will also learn how to use a sewing machine.  The pattern pieces will be pre-cut so the student will be ready to focus on sewing skills.  A few of the projects we will be working on will be stuffed hearts, ladybugs and a seal.

IF YOU WANT TO BRINGING YOUR OWN MACHINE:  bring it in 15 MINUTES BEFORE FIRST CLASS.  Please bring extra filled bobbins and a spool of white and a spool of black thread. Bring in the manual of the machine. Make sure your name is on your machine. *please let us know if you are bringing in your own machine.

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