Wild Salamander Creative Arts Center
Sharon Spivak
Wild Salamander (location info)
Wednesday, 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM
03/17/21 - 04/14/21 (5 weeks)


Throughout this 5-week session, we will embrace nature in several different artistic ways.  We’ll use “found items” from outdoor to create a Nature-Scape in an interesting container.  We will learn how to create trees in a variety of ways via drawing, painting, torn paper art and pop-open style. We will also make up a brand new story that is set in nature, but about whom, what, and where?  As a class, we will all participate in creating and illustrating this story from beginning to end.  It will be YOUR story and I can’t wait to hear all of your ideas!  This will be a class filled with lots of creative energy and fun.  Don’t miss this one! 

Upcoming Meetings
03/17/21    3:45 PM Wednesday 03/17/21 3:45 PM
03/24/21    3:45 PM Wednesday 03/24/21 3:45 PM
03/31/21    3:45 PM Wednesday 03/31/21 3:45 PM
04/07/21    3:45 PM Wednesday 04/07/21 3:45 PM
04/14/21    3:45 PM Wednesday 04/14/21 3:45 PM