Wild Salamander Creative Arts Center
Michelle Landry
Wild Salamander (location info)
Mon - Wed, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
07/13/20 (1 week)

Summer can be terribly boring for student Wizards and Witches who have to hide their magical abilities among the muggles.  Don’t worry, Hogwarts approves this special camp where you will get  to use your special skills to conjure up lots of magical projects in polymer clay.  From magical amulets to your own pet dragon, we will create lots of fun and mystical projects - no spells or potions needed, just creativity and imagination!


Upcoming Meetings
07/13/20    1:00 PM Monday 07/13/20 1:00 PM
07/14/20    1:00 PM Tuesday 07/14/20 1:00 PM
07/15/20    1:00 PM Wednesday 07/15/20 1:00 PM