Wild Salamander Creative Arts Center
Rachel Benson
Wild Salamander (location info)
Mon - Fri, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
07/06/20 (1 week)


Learn, make, and play as we dive into the life and beauty of the ocean world.  Using a variety of materials and techniques, we will get creative while focusing on making art inspired by the creatures, movements, and mysteries of the big blue.  Kids will make jellyfish, mermaid slime, whale friends, and even capture a little bit of the ocean in a jar. Spend the week at sea with this awesome magical ocean-themed Camp!

Upcoming Meetings
07/06/20    1:00 PM Monday 07/06/20 1:00 PM
07/07/20    1:00 PM Tuesday 07/07/20 1:00 PM
07/08/20    1:00 PM Wednesday 07/08/20 1:00 PM
07/09/20    1:00 PM Thursday 07/09/20 1:00 PM
07/10/20    1:00 PM Friday 07/10/20 1:00 PM