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Classes are offered on a limited Basis during the summer. Our full schedule of classes will resume in the fall.

Explore your creativity and develop new skills through classes taught by experienced, professional teaching artists. Our curriculum is designed to cover everything from fundamentals to independent ideas and include traditional and non-traditional techniques.

Classes are leveled by Grade to allow for instructors to design classes that meet developmental milestones and educational experience.   Occasionally this can cause enrollment difficulty with students with certain birthdates.  If you have difficulty enrolling please let us know via phone or email.


Please pay in full at time of registration.
If the class is fully enrolled unpaid registrations will be moved to the waitlist until payment is received.
If you do not wish to pay online at time of registration, please contact the center to make payment arrangements. 603-465-9453  or email registration@wildsalamander.com.

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Studio I

In this class, students will learn the basics of designing cartoon characters. If you’re just looking to have fun or take your skill to the next level, Giff designs lessons that are fun and help you grow as an artist! Each class will touch on a different subject and technique that can be used to design a famous cartoon character or an original one from you imagination. 

Jun 18, 2019 - Aug 06, 2019
$ 137.00
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Studio II

Students will focus on developing their own comic style, develop use of proper art materials and techniques, and the development of character design. Teaching the fun and imaginative style of comic art is something Gif makes entertaining and informative for all who are interested.

Jun 20, 2019 - Aug 08, 2019
$ 145.00
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We’ll be doing watercolor sketching and journaling outside! This highly creative class allows one to loosen up. Initially, we’ll meet at Wild Salamander for demonstration, etc., and then plan to paint in outdoor locations when possible. The remaining classes will be on location unless the weather is uncooperative. Watercolor pencils are optional but are strongly encouraged as they lend themselves to plein air (painting outside) strengthening line, depth, weight, and texture. 

Giving words to one’s painting defines and clarifies them, increasing our visual vocabulary. We become more thoughtful about how/what we want to paint and write. The two mediums enhance each other. The joint process can be detailed, loose and fosters spontaneity and playfulness. The freedom is in the process, not the outcome. Student’s decide if they want to write about the location, work in stream of consciousness, simply convey thoughts and feelings or write poetry. 

Jun 20, 2019 - Aug 01, 2019
$ 35.00 - $ 160.00
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