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Advanced - 6th-9th Grades
Star Kidz Staff
White Plains: Auditorium (location map)
Tuesday, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
11/05/19 - 02/11/20 (12 weeks)

Star Kidz is excited to offer this class to those 6-9th grade students who are ready to take their singing and acting techniques to the next level. The class will involve memorization, performing with an accompanist and only focuses on singing and acting, not dance.

Geared toward serious-minded students who are willing to do the work that goes into furthering their creative expression, the focus for these singing & acting is on learning essential skills for both performance and audition preparation, whether for their school plays, community theatre or professional productions.

Through in-depth character preparation using exercises that explore their inner selves, the students learn how to break down their songs, scenes or monologues in terms of emotions. Next, they learn to connect their words to those emotions — the mark of a good actor. By encouraging them to make personalized acting choices, the confidence they gain in how to approach dramatic material goes a long way toward elevating their stage presence.

Additionally, specific one-on-one training in voice technique emphasizes the importance of breath control, body alignment, the various spaces in the mouth, and proper palate and tongue placement. The students work with the vocal teacher to choose from our vast collection of songs across all genres for ones that suit them best, as well as with a performance coach who teaches the students staging and the art of telling a story through a song. During the session, the students also enjoy the collaborative experience of working with a piano accompanist.

This inspiring program of acting and singing classes culminates in an intimate showcase for family and friends — complete with hors d’oeuvres and beverages — known as Cabaret Nite. Each student performs a full song with the accompanist, as well as a scene or monologue. From the grown-up curriculum to the grown-up venue, our Advanced students truly get a chance to shine!