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Sing, Act, Dance! K-1st Grades
Star Kidz Staff
White Plains: Auditorium (location map)
Thursday, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
10/19/17 - 01/18/18 (12 weeks)

In this series of acting, singing, and dancing classes for kids, we introduce them to music as a means of expressing themselves vocally, dramatically and through movement, with the goal of building confidence and poise. In each of these areas, we encourage the kids to feel comfortable within themselves to perform, an attribute that helps them in all areas of schooling and in growing up.

Children can pick from a wide variety of songs to sing. Fun and simple vocal exercises get their mouth muscles moving and help convey the concept of pitch. Throughout the semester, we engage the students in a variety of fun acting exercises and drama games that capture their creative attention. They learn the fundamentals of acting by creating characters, exploring emotions and using their imagination. They learn to work both individually and together as a group.

As for the dance, we customize a routine that follows suit with their developing fine-motor skills. With all aspects of the program, we make great use of repetition to reinforce learning.