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Singapore Math

Please note that math classes are open enrollment - you can join at anytime and the tuition will be prorated.

Singapore Math students have consistently ranked at the top of international testing studies for math in the last 15 years--girls and boys. This proven K-5 curriculum develops deep math mastery and confidence by focusing on a limited number of key topics, applying a unique three-step learning model based on child development theory, and by developing strategies for solving word problems and thinking algebraically. Help your student build confidence and success in math using this proven program!

Which level should I sign up for?
Although many students place approximately one Singapore Math level down from their current grade level, based solely on grade, age, or even math proficiency students place in an extremely wide range of Singapore Math levels. As a result, IQuest provides a free 20-minute assessment to identify the optimal level for beginning Singapore Math. Our informal assessment provides an opportunity for students and parents to meet one-on-one with our Singapore Math instructor, find out what to expect from classes and homework, and to answer any questions parents may have.  Please contact us at 512-537-7664 or email at Learn@IQuestAustin.com to arrange for an assessment.


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