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2D/3D Art Studio.

This mixed media camp is perfect for the young artist who likes to experiment with different materials. Use your imagination and have fun working with painting, collage, mosaics, mobiles, and sculpture.  Taught by Kelly DiGioia and Suzanne Lauricella, respectively.

Week 2: Ages 4 - 6; AM 

Week 4: Ages 4 - 6; PM 

Summer Camp Program 


3Day Handbuilding Ceramics Workshop Takaezu Studio


Acrylic Painting

Ages 10 – 15; PM

Your imagination and ideas - in paint! Students will learn tips and tricks for painting with acrylics, which are very versatile. Acrylics can be used right out of the tube or made thinner or thicker with mediums that yield fun and unique results. Blending, washes, texture, and edges will be covered as well as color, composition. Taught by Erica Lescota.

Summer camp program

After-Care Program

The Hunterdon art Museum provides entertaining and relaxing after-care for students who are enrolled in camp. After-care is directed by camp staff and volunteers. A daily snack will be provided to all campers attending after-care. Supervised activities during after-care will vary, but may include free art time, board games, pleasure reading, and walks to downtown Clinton, the Red Mill Museum and other close by destinations (weather permitting). For further information please download the after-care registration form: 

Animal Art

Ages 5 – 9; AM
Lions and tigers and bears oh my!  In this camp all about animals, students will draw, paint, and sculpt their own creatures great and small.  Color, composition, form, and perspective will be covered.  Taught by Suzanne LeGrand.

Summer Camp Program

Art + Science = FUN


Art for Two:Bring Your Favorite Adult! Clay


Ages 2½ to 5, with an adult. Saturday 11:30am - 12:30pm
Two artists means twice the fun! Collage (from the French word 'coller' meaning to glue) is a visual arts technique enjoyed by Pablo Picasso and pre-schoolers alike.   Children and adults will work together to make a truly unique assemblage of forms from paper and other materials.  This class is designed to make children feel successful and comfortable with their first adventures in the process of making open-ended art. Bring a smock. Please register in advance for individual Saturday sessions. Taught by Jim Pruznick.



Art for Two: Bring Your Favorite Adult! Drawing

Ages 2½ to 5, with an adult.  Saturdays, 11:30am - 12:30pm
Two artists means twice the fun!  Learn the fundamentals of drawing (line, shape, texture, value, composition) while building eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.  This class is designed to make children feel successful and comfortable with their first adventures in the process of making open-ended art. Bring a smock. Please register in advance for individual Saturday sessions. Taught by Jim Pruznick.


Art for Two: Bring Your Favorite Adult! Painting

Ages 2½ to 5, with an adult. Saturday, 11:30am - 12:30pm
Two artists means twice the fun! Get familiar with primary and secondary colors, different methods of painting, as well as communicating and translating ideas into an image.  This class is designed to make children feel successful and comfortable with their first adventures in the process of making open-ended art. Bring a smock. Please register in advance for individual Saturday sessions. Taught by Jim Pruznick.   


Art for Two: Bring Your Favorite Adult! Sculpting


Ages 2½ to 5, with an adult. Saturday 11:30am - 12:30pm
Two artists means twice the fun!  Explore 3D art with sculpting.  Using clay and other materials, kids will experiment with size, shape, and proportion to sculpt their own, unique masterpiece.  This class is designed to make children feel successful and comfortable with their first adventures in the process of making open-ended art. Bring a smock. Please register in advance for individual Saturday sessions. Taught by Jim Pruznick.


Art From Around the World

Join us on a journey hopping from continent to continent learning about different cultures of the world through art! We will explore different cultures with projects including drawing, printmaking, painting, and sculpture. Taught by Suzanne Lauricella and Linda Schroeder, respectively.

Week 2: Ages 5 - 9; PM

Week 7: Ages 8 - 10; AM

Summer Camp Program 

The Art of Glass Fusing

Taught by Nancy Miller. Express your own individual creativity while learning the steps of how fused glass art is made. You will learn different aspects of the glass fusing process while designing one of a kind works of art. Learn how to cut and break glass safely and to design your own piece of fused glass art from start to finish. You will also gain insight into glass compatibility, firing times, temperatures and the different stages of fusing that can be done in a kiln. Students will learn fascinating techniques that expand design possibilities. All materials provided.

 Saturday, August 2, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Tuition: $50; Member: $30

Early Registration Reward does not apply. 

Art and Music

Summer Camp 

Art with Heart

Class for kids with ASD and developmental disabilities 

Artistic Expressions

Tuesdays and/or Thursdays, 6:45 - 8:15pm

Taught by Jim Pruznick. This is an open studio art class for adults with developmental disabilities and is appropriate for students with DDD Self-Directed budgets. Art making topics are tailored to new and returning students, and include drawing, painting, sculpting, mixed media, and fiber arts. Students are encouraged to express their own vision in this fun, supportive class. An exhibition of work and a celebration highlight the final class. All materials included.  Hunterdon Art Museum is a DDD Qualified Provider. Tuition underwritten in part by Bunbury Foundation and Merck Neighbor of Choice.

Beginner/Intermediate Watercolor

Mondays, 7:00 - 9:30pm

Taught by Lena Shiffman.  Expand your artistic potential through watercolor. Learn basic and advanced techniques through the use of washes, controlled edges, glazing, expressive brush strokes and corrections. Composition, understanding value/color relationships and creating the illusion of depth are also covered. Fresh garden flowers, fruits and vegetables provide colorful still life inspiration.  All levels welcome.  Limited to 10 students. Recommended for adults and teens, age 16 and up.       Click Here for Lena Shiffman's Watercolor Materials List.  Image courtesy of the artist, Lena Shiffman. 


By the Sea

Ages 7 – 10; PM
This camp celebrates fun in the sun.  Explore all kinds of creatures that glide, swim, or slither in the sea.  Create two and three-dimensional works of art based on the beauty of the ocean.  Mix your own salt clay, make beach inspired jewelry, watercolor sea-scapes and more.  Taught by Linda Schroeder.

Summer Camp Program 

Cartooning Around


Ages 8 – 15; Full Day (9am - 4pm)

Love Cartoons? Then this camp is for you. Get instruction in cartooning and comic book drawing plus games, trivia, funny money and more. Develop your own characters and learn to draw popular favorites like Scooby Doo, Sponge Bob, and Spiderman. Please bring a nut free lunch. Lunch With the Bunch included. Taught by Doug Baron.

Summer Camp Program 

Tuesday Night Drawing & Painting

Tuesdays, 7:15 - 9:45pm  

Taught by Lena Shiffman. Pick your favorite medium and set aside Tuesday evenings for building your drawing and painting skills. In this relaxed, intimate class, beginning and intermediate students are invited to work at their own pace with guidance from the instructor using a variety of subject matter, including still life subjects and photographs. Projects are adapted to student skill level. All levels welcome, beginners start with drawing.  Recommended for adults and teens, age 16 and up. Click Here for Open Studio Materials List.  Image courtesy of the artist, Lena Shiffman.


Claymation Animation

Ages 7 – 10; PM
Learn the basics or build your skills in 2D and 3D animation. Students will make short or long form videos using stop-motion animation, storyboarding, model construction, drawing, and painting. Bring a digital camera, data cable, and memory card. Taught by Jim Pruznick.
Summer Camp Program  
All About Color


Ages 4 – 6; PM
Explore the power of color! Painter Vasily Kandinsky said that “color is the keyboard…and the artist is the hand that plays.”  Learn the basics about colors and then experiment with different types of media such as paint, pastels, watercolor, clay, fabric arts, and more.  

Summer Camp Program 


Comic Book Creation.

Ages 8 – 15; Full Day
Learn basic cartooning techniques and develop your own characters, names, and story lines. Learn to comic book heroes and villains. and popular characters such as Spiderman and the X-Men.  Games, funny money, trivia, and more are included in this week of comic book fun! Please bring a nut free snack and lunch. Registration for Lunch with the Bunch included.  Taught by Doug Baron.

Summer Camp Program 

Comics, Manga, Anime


Ages 7 to 15.  Fridays, 5:30 - 7:00pm.  Learn to draw classic comics, plus the styles of Japanese Manga and Anime.  Instruction in drawing and inking will be covered, plus games and trivia.  From Dragon Ball Z to the X-Men, from Sailor Moon to Spider-Man, this course covers it all. Develop your own characters and learn to draw your favorites.  Images Left to Right:  S. LeGrand, ooouuusm, Chibi Yoda.



Design, Sculpt, Build

Ages 9 to 12, Thursdays 4:15 - 5:30pm.  Have fun turning ordinary materials into extraordinary two and three-dimensional creations, with various media such as paint, clay, wood, wire, plaster, and paper.  Make mobiles, sculptures, paintings, and more. The possibilities are endless.  Taught by Jim Pruznick.



Design, Sculpt, Build.

Ages 11 - 15; PM

Have fun turning ordinary materials into extraordinary two and three-dimensional creations, with various media such as paint, clay, wood, wire, plaster, and paper. Make mobiles, sculptures, paintings, and more. The possibilities are endless. Taught by Jim Pruznick.

Summer camp program 

Draw, Paint & Sculpt

Ages 7 to 9. Wednesdays, 4:15 - 5:15pm.  It’s all in the title! Learn to experiment with different materials. Make great projects and explore drawing, painting, and sculpting in this fun-filled class.  Taught by Nan Krochta.


Draw Paint & Sculpt

Ages 7 – 10; AM
It’s all in the title! Join Miss Nan for fun-filled projects including drawing, painting, plaster and clay sculpting, printmaking and tie dying. Taught by Nan Krochta.

Summer Camp Program 

Drawing 101

drawing class, summer camp

Drawing & Painting

summer camp 

Drawing & Painting for Teens

Ages 13 to 17, Thursdays 6:00 - 7:15pm.   Learn to draw and paint from observation using the fundamental elements of design: line, color, form, texture, shape, value, and scale. Learn tips and tricks; and experiment with dry and wet media such as pencil, charcoal, conte, pastels, ink, and acrylics.  This is a great class for teens and young adults looking to strengthen their skills or learning to draw for the first time. Taught by Sarah DeWire.


Drawing: Pastels, Charcoal, Pencil with Lena

Adult Workshop 

Drawing & Painting for Beginners

no description

Faces in Clay

Ages 7 – 10; PM
Students will explore facial expressions of both the human and animal variety through working with clay and paint.  Tools will be used to sculpt realistic and imaginative details. Students will learn how to create and manipulate basic features as well as fine tune characteristics such as age, expression and texture.  Paint and mixed media will be used to enhance the sculptures that are created.  Taught by Erica Lescota.

Summer Camp Program 


Fashion: Sewing and Construction

Ages 9 – 11; AM & Ages 12 - 15; PM
Learn to create a piece of clothing from start to finish using a sewing machine.   Make an illustration, select fabric, create a pattern and sew away!  Learn the correct stitches and the how to process of garment construction following the same process as used in the fashion industry. Taught by Leah Cahill.

Summer Camp Program 


Friday Night Figure Study

Fridays, 6:30 – 9:00pm

Hunterdon Art Museum offers open studio sessions in which artists may draw or paint from a model:  Life (nude) or Portrait (clothed).  Sessions are uninstructed with a facilitator,  providing an opportunity for artists to work independently, practice, and refine their skills.  Please register in advance for 3-week sessions, a minimum of 4 students is required to book a model for sitting.  Space is limited to 10 students.  Tuition: $55; members: $45 (per 3-week session). Please bring your favorite materials.  Image: A. Cabrera,  Angle (detail), 2012.

Spring 2014 ---  Session 1: May 2, 9, 16 with Portrait Model; Session 2:  May 30, Jun 6, 13 with Life Model

Summer 2014 --- Session 1: Jul 11, 18, 25 with Life Model, Session 2: August 8, 15, 22 with Life Model 


Fun Forms

Clay and Weaving. Summer Camp 

Fundamentals of Drawing

Recommended for adults.  Wednesdays, 6:30 - 9:00pm

Taught by Erica Lescota. This eight week class will be offered for adult beginners to explore drawing basics such as line, color, shape, form and value. The first half of the course will focus on still lives, adding color using charcoal and pencil.  Artists will paint from observation and focus on drawing fundamentals. The second portion of the class will shift focus to emphasize the human form through observation of portrait and nude models. Each class will be focused around a basic drawing concept which students will then explore through studio time (the teacher will arrange various still lives or a model will be present) and close with group critique to help budding artists improve. Materials List Provided. Model fee approximately $30.  Image courtesy of the artist, Erica Lescota. 



Glass Fusing for Little Hands

Ages 4 and up (with an adult companion).

Kids can spend quality time with an adult family member while exploring the fascinating and fun art of glass fusing! Create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Adults and children will work together to combine an assortment of safe pre-cut glass forms to create a range of shapes, colors, and designs. Participants will learn important color and design techniques, which can be applied to any area of art. All materials will be provided. Taught by Nancy Miller.

Intro to Acrylic Painting w/ Sarah DeWire

no description 

Intro to Watercolor: Methods & Materials

Adult class

Japanese Anime & Cartooning


Ages 7 to 15. Tuesdays, 5:00 - 6:30pm. Love Japanese Animé and Manga? Love cartooning and comic book drawing?  Then this class is for you.  Develop your own characters and learn to draw your favorites in this fun, comprehensive course.  Taught by Chris Muller.


Lunch with the Bunch

We offer supervised lunchtime for summer campers.  LWTB is directed by camp staff and volunteers; activities include games and/or walks to downtown Clinton, the Red Mill Museum and other close by destinations (weather permitting). Please bring a nut free bag lunch. 


Meet the Masters

Ages 4 – 6; AM
Meet a new artist each day from Matisse (collages) to Calder (primary colors) to Monet (painting), while you explore paint, clay, sculpture, collage and more. An ideal beginning art class. Taught by Amanda Esposito.   

Summer Camp Program


Mix It Up: Paint, Clay, Fiber.


Ages 4 – 6
Mix it up! Explore two and three dimensional art with paint and clay, plus soft materials such as felt, fabrics, and stuffing. Make a masterpiece or create your own plush toy while you learn techniques in a variety of media.

Summer Camp Program 


Mix It Up: Paint, Clay, Fiber

Ages 7 and up. Wednesdays, 6:00 - 7:00pm

Mix it up!  Explore two and three dimensional art with paint and clay, plus soft materials such as felt, fabrics, and stuffing.  Make a masterpiece or create your own plush toy while you learn techniques in a variety of media.  

My First Book

summer camp

My Pet Project

Ages 10 – 15; PM
Purrrfect for young artists who love all kinds of pets – real and imaginary. Pet-themed projects bring art and animals together. Projects include sculpting and painting using a variety of materials.  Taught by Joanna Platt.

Summer Camp Program

Mythical Beasts

Ages 11 – 15; PM

Explore mythical beasts in art throughout history and from different corners of the world.  Create delightful and terrifying creatures by drawing, painting, and sculpting.  Don't forget your imagination!  Taught by Tricia Hurley. 

Summer camp program 


Nature Art

Explore art in nature and nature in art! Have fun learning about the lives of plants, flowers, and insects, by making collages, prints, paintings, and sculptures. Taught by Jim Pruznick and Lisa Grasso-Earl, respectively.

Week 3: Ages 4 - 6; PM

Week 7: Ages 5 - 7; PM 

Summer Camp Program 

Nature's Gallery


Ages 7 – 9; AM
Discover the art and design possibilities found in nature. Experiment with painting, clay sculpting, gyotaku and sun prints, nature sketching (as weather permits) and more. Host an exhibition of your art on Friday. Taught by Nan Krochta.

Summer Camp Program 


Drawing & Painting 101



A true studio art class for the beginning artist or someone developing their skills. Projects encourage exploration of traditional wet and dry materials including pencil, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, and acrylic paint. Begin with drawing and move on to painting.  Taught by Tricia Hurley and Lena Shiffman, respectively.

Week 3: July 8 - 12; 1:00pm - 4:00pm (PM)
Ages 11 - 15

 Week 8: August 12 - 16; 1:00pm - 4:00pm (PM)
Ages 7 - 10  


Summer Camp Program 


Painting: Acrylic & Watercolor

Summer Camp 

Paint the Modern Landscape


Fridays, 1:00 - 3:30 pm

Taught by Maureen Chatfield. Explore the relationship between music, movement, and painting in this fun class.  Working in acrylics, students will experiment with action painting and developing layers of color, form, and image on the canvas.  The instructor will guide individuals  through different approaches to the modern landscape, working in varying degrees of representation,  abstraction, and everything in between.  Each class will be shaped by a selection of music intended to encourage self-expression, spontaneity, movement and interaction with the canvas.  Limited to 8 students.  Recommended for adults and teens, age 16 and up.   


Painting: Pushing the Limits

Wednesdays, 10:00am - 12:30pm 

Taught by Bascha Mon. Not your conventional painting course!  Challenging traditional notions of painting, this class ignores the usual “rules” of painting and gives imaginations a chance to soar by applying new methods to the artistic process. Students work on individual projects with guidance from the instructor.  You may work in oils, acrylics, and mixed media.  Discuss contemporary art for inspiration and use the underlying concepts as a springboard for your own work. Beginners are welcomed. This course is for students at any skill level who are open to learning how to work in unconventional ways. Recommended for adults and teens, age 16 and up.   Click Here for Painting: Pushing the Limits Materials List 


Global Art Sampler

Summer Camp Program 

Pen & Ink Drawing


Ages 11 – 15; AM
Students will experiment with pen and ink to create people, places, and objects.  Students will create value, texture and form through crosshatching.   It is amazing what artist can do employing only inked lines. Taught by Erica Lescota.

Summer Camp Program

Pet Portraits

summer camp

Photography Boot Camp

Ages 10 - 15; AM

Through demonstration and hands on opportunities, students immerse themselves in the basics of using their digital camera and progress to an intermediate level during a concentrated learning experience.  We will cover camera operation, shutter speed and aperture; resolution selection, using the in-camera light meter for better exposure compensation, white balance, tips on good composition and use of accessories. Taught By Nancy Ori

Summer Camp Program 

Pinhole Photography


Ages 10 – 15; PM
Make your own camera and explore the amazing art of pinhole photography. Take black and white photographs and develop them on location in our own darkroom. Taught by Tricia Hurley.

Summer Camp Program
Plein Air & Still life Painting w/ Oscar Peterson

adult class

Plein Air Painting Workshop with Oscar Peterson

hoffman's crossing program

Poetry Chapbook Manuscript Workshop


One Day Workshop:  Sunday, March 30, 10:30am - 4:30pm

Gather your poems into a chapbook.  In this intensive but friendly workshop led by Princeton’s Ragged Sky Press publisher and MacDowell fellow Ellen Foos, together with Pushcart Prize nominee and Geraldine R. Dodge poet Vasiliki Katsarou, participants will learn how to collect their poems into well-crafted chapbook-length manuscripts.  Participants will explore methods to order, group, and title their poetry collections, and be advised on what to consider including or excluding. There will be some discussion on how and where to submit chapbooks for publication.  Foos and Katsarou will describe how smaller literary presses solicit manuscripts, and how some work cooperatively with authors. Be ready to submit 14-24 pages of poetry by March 8. The workshop leaders will read each manuscript before the Workshop.  Limited to 7 students.   Click on the following link for Poetry Manuscript Submission Guidelines.  Tuition:  $110; member: $90


Pop Art

Summer Camp 

Portrait & Figurative Painting w/ Oscar Peterson

adult class

Portrait Drawing with Oscar Peterson

adult class

River Life: Paint, Sculpt, Print

Ages 11 - 15; AM & Ages 8 - 10; PM

Nature art comes alive in this course inspired by our local river. Birds, fish, boats, and plant life will provide the creative spark for projects in watercolor, acrylics, sculpture, printmaking, and bookmaking.  Taught by Duffy Dillinger. 

Summer camp program

Silkscreen Printing: Simple and Fun


One Day Workshop:  Saturday, May 3.  10:00am - 4:00pm

Taught by Stephen McKenzie. Silkscreen printing is easy and fun, with attractive and sometimes unexpected and complex results.  Learn the process of silkscreen printing, create original designs and print endlessly to create editions of prints and/or your own textiles. Learn two silkscreen methods: hand-cut paper stencils and printing with drawing fluid and screen filler.  Each student will leave with several finished works and the skills to keep printing.  Tuition:  $110; member $90  

Images left to right:  Wikipedia; Warhol, Campbell Soup 1, 1968;   Margret Hofheinz-Döring, Missverständnis, Siebdruck, 1975

Sketch Book Club

Summer Camp 

Squish It, Sculpt It, Shape It

Ages 10 – 15; AM
You will love exploring sculpture and three-dimensional art in this fun camp. Work with papier mache, Sculpey, wire and clay. Discuss design, proportion, composition and surface. Taught by Tricia Hurley.

Summer Camp Program


Hunterdon Poets Workshop

Adult Workshop Formerly Sunday Afternoon drop in poetry  

Theater Camp: Where the Sidewalk ends

summer camp.

Tie Dye & Fabric Styling


Ages 11 – 15; AM
Students will learn color theory, plus dying and diffusing techniques to create a multitude of dyed fabrics and papers. They will experiment with different patterns and unique designs, then be wowed by the results. We will explore tie dye, itajime, and batik methods. Please bring a 100% cotton white tee. Taught by Erica Lescota.

Summer Camp Program 

Watercolor Pouring Method with Lena Shiffman

with lena

Watercolor Open Studio with Eric Rhinehart

No description

Webs, Wings, & Watercolors.

Ages 7 – 10; PM

From spider webs and turtle shells to ripe red apples, children are encouraged to observe art in nature. Fun projects allow children to experiment with a variety of media including watercolor, pastels, printing ink, and more. Taught by Lisa Grasso-Earl.

Summer camp program 

Wine & Design: Paint Party with Linda Schroeder

no description 

Wine Glass Painting with Linda Schroeder

Adult Workshop 

Linocut Printing Making Technique


All levels Drawing & Painting with Lena Shiffman

Friday morning class

Chelsea Gallery Tours with Merrily Kerr

NYC art tours

Animals & Landscape Plein Air Workshop


Young Potters: Handbuilding and Glazing

Clay class

Intro to Oils with Margaret Fanning

Margaret Fanning

Intro to Gouache with Margaret Fanning


Landscape & Flower Photography with Nancy Ori


Plein Air Throughout Hunterdon County

with Andrea G

Build a Time Machine

summer camp 

Circus Camp

Summer Camp

Theater Camp: Dr. Seuss Anthology

Summer camp

Wonderful Watercolor

Summer Camp

My Pet Project.

Summer camp

Art From Around the World.

Summer camp week 3

Drawing and Painting

Summer camp week 3

Lunch with the Bunch Week 3

Summer camp week of 4th of July LWTB

After-Care Week 3

Summer camp week of 4th of July after-care.

Pantyhose Sculpture with Katie Truk


Expanded Print: Sculptural Monotype Workshop

Push the boundaries of printmaking in this one-day workshop with Sheila Goloborotko. Participants will use the monotype print as starting point to create "expanded prints" that take the monotype off the flat surface and onto a 3-D, sculptural form. Sheila is Assitant Professor of Printmaking at the University of North Florida and is the curatyor of Multiple Ones: Contemporary Perspectives in Printmedia. Her work will be on view concurrently with that show. 

Saturday, July 14th, 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.