Add playful robots to your child's life with RoboFun products!

**Curriculum |Young Inventor's Project with LEGO® MINDSTORMS®   The Young Inventors Project curriculum will provide your students with an introduction to LEGO Robotics through the context of historical inventions and real world engineering applications, while meeting Common Core Standards in the process. more...
$ 50.00

*Product | RoboFun T-Shirt   Any child would love a RoboFun t-shirt! *All children who participate in summer camp will receive a free t-shirt of a different design. more...
There are different sizes for this T-shirt!:*
$ 10.00

**Curriculum | Exploring LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3®   This book delves deeply into how to build & program with EV3, the latest in LEGO® technology, written by EJ Park, the designer of all RoboFun robots. more...
$ 35.00

*Product | Sunglasses   RoboFun sunglasses will add some whimsy to your child's style. more...
$ 5.00