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Making Music Together® Online

Making Music Together Online      

While we can't make Music Together in person, we can make Music Together Online!
You'll have the same access to our high-quality music and movement curriculum- anywhere.  At home, on vacation, even in the car, you can sing, dance, and play along with Music Together.  Enjoy song videos featuring our Valley Music Together teachers, live ZOOM classes, professionally recorded music, a beautifully illustrated songbook, CD and enrichment activity ideas.

Summer 2020 KAZOO Session includes:

  • 6 weeks of active music-making using everyday items as musical props
  • A weekly song video to sing, dance, and jam along with our teachers
  • Two Zoom classes each week
  • Hard copy of the KAZOO songbook and a music CD
  • Digital code for online songbook and song downloads
  • Activity sheets and coloring pages
  • Bonus KAZOO song videos specific for babies and older toddlers
  • Zoom Storybook Singalong and Zoom Lullaby

Tuition:  $85 per family

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Making Music with Your Child      

Music Together believes that music ability is a life skill.  Children who grow up an a rich, loving, and stimulating musical environment can achieve basic music competency and enjoy a lifetime of music participation.  The Music Together approach for young children encourages the actual experiencing of music rather than the learning of concepts and information about music.  As parents, grandparents, and caregivers, you naturally teach life skills to your children, both formally and informally.  It is just as appropriate to nurture your child's musical development.  Music Together and Music Together Online are designed to help you, regardless of your own musical background.  Your role is very important!  Whether attending a live class or engaging with one of our song videos, it is important to:

  • sing, dance and play along.  song videos should be in the background, you are the focus for your child
  • play the recordings often at home and in the car
  • make observations, ask questions, be your child's cheerleader
  • have fun!  you are modeling the disposition to try new things and enjoy shared experiences

You will find that spontaneous music -making will happen throughout the day, both the quantity and quality of your "planned" music experiences will increase, and your natural ability to create this music rich environment will support your child's music development.  Best of all, your child (and family) will delight in making music- together.