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09/22/20 - 12/07/20 (10 weeks)


Enjoy Music Together Bongos on your schedule!  A class video will be posted each week that you and your child can enjoy at your convenience, again and again!  Materials include the new BONGOS songbook, professionally recorded cd, online access to song downloads, a digital songbook and bonus materials.  You'll also receive an invite to a live ZOOM class (later in the session).

Upcoming Meetings
10/26/20    Anytime Monday 10/26/20 Anytime
11/02/20    Anytime Monday 11/02/20 Anytime
11/09/20    Anytime Monday 11/09/20 Anytime
11/16/20    Anytime Monday 11/16/20 Anytime
11/23/20    <None> Monday (Thanksgiving Break) 11/23/20
(Thanksgiving Break)
11/30/20    Anytime Monday 11/30/20 Anytime
12/07/20    Anytime Monday 12/07/20 Anytime