Move to the Beat of your heART! Summer
The Art Annex (location map)
Saturday, 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM
06/29/19 - 08/10/19 (6 weeks)


HOORAY FOR SUMMER! In our summer edition of Move to the beat of your heART, we will be creating delectable delicacy's that look good enough to eat! We will continue to make the classroom fluid as projects will vary from places and positions in the room. While also continuing to experience how different materials, textures, senses and mediums can change our experiences. Come and create yummy works of art! From paper pizza's to paper mache ice cream, we will really dive in and discover! As always, be prepared to get a little messy as projects and materials will change from week to week.

Upcoming Meetings
06/29/19    9:00 AM Saturday Trial or Drop-In 06/29/19 9:00 AM Trial or Drop-In
07/06/19    <None> Saturday (4th of July Weekend) 07/06/19
(4th of July Weekend)
07/13/19    9:00 AM Saturday 07/13/19 9:00 AM
07/20/19    9:00 AM Saturday 07/20/19 9:00 AM
07/27/19    9:00 AM Saturday 07/27/19 9:00 AM
08/03/19    9:00 AM Saturday 08/03/19 9:00 AM
08/10/19    9:00 AM Saturday 08/10/19 9:00 AM