Creative Table
The Art Annex (location map)
Wednesday, 3:15 PM - 4:45 PM
04/03/19 - 06/12/19 (10 weeks)

With each Creative Table class the work surface is composed as a “tablescape” of intriguing materials set up in an aesthetically inviting manner with materials chosen intentionally as creative prompts. With guidance and instruction on how to use tools and materials, students are tasked with finding ways to create with what they find. This class combines art making with imaginative play while using both traditional and unexpected art materials. Picture for example a moss-covered work surface arranged with wood blocks, acorns, twigs, hammers, clay and a rainbow of paint colors. What might your child create? What conversations might be overheard as they compose a fairy house or a rock garden? Each week features a unique tablescape. Working side by side will foster collaboration and dialogue. The mixed media open-ended nature of this class leads to limitless possibilities for creative decision making in both 2-D and 3-D arts. This after school class also includes studies of underrepresented artists as well as journaling and creative choice time.

Upcoming Meetings
04/03/19    3:15 PM Wednesday 04/03/19 3:15 PM
04/10/19    3:15 PM Wednesday 04/10/19 3:15 PM
04/17/19    3:15 PM Wednesday 04/17/19 3:15 PM
04/24/19    <None> Wednesday (Spring Break) 04/24/19
(Spring Break)
05/01/19    3:15 PM Wednesday 05/01/19 3:15 PM
05/08/19    3:15 PM Wednesday 05/08/19 3:15 PM
05/15/19    3:15 PM Wednesday 05/15/19 3:15 PM
05/22/19    3:15 PM Wednesday 05/22/19 3:15 PM
05/29/19    3:15 PM Wednesday 05/29/19 3:15 PM
06/05/19    3:15 PM Wednesday 06/05/19 3:15 PM
06/12/19    3:15 PM Wednesday 06/12/19 3:15 PM