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Online Mixed Age

Created in Spring 2020 and continuing this summer - We bring Music Together to families at home during the pandemic rules for gathering. Families will join our local SRA Music Together teachers for Mixed Age classes via Zoom, as well as weekly links to videos of our teachers leading Music Together activities (this summer, we're using the "Kazoo Collection"). Besides the weekly zoom classes and pre-recorded video content, families are invited to join a private Enrolled Families Facebook Group, where they'll have access to fun content such as pop-up occasional live experiences through Facebook live videos, extra Zoom classes, activity downloads for the kids, videos of instrument-making at home, and the chance to upload your own videos from home and chat with our community. 

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Online Rhythm Kids- Levels combined, 4-8 years

Occasionally, we combine the 2 levels of Rhythm Kids to make one class. In this case, we style the lessons to cover a larger age range. This is a great alternative, and still a lot of fun and learning for both age groups!

This is an online version created in Spring 2020, and continuing this summer- we'll bring Music Together to families at home under the pandemic rules for gatherings. Includes many of the bonus activities under "Music Together Online," above.

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