Merry Musicians
Camp Rhythm Kids for 5-8 yr olds
Investors Bank Theater - RoxPAC (location map)
Mon - Fri, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
08/26/19 (1 week)

Camp Rhythm Kids - What could be more fun than singing, dancing, and drumming for a week with Miss Gen! For 2 hours each day we will be sumberged in the Kangaroo Collection! The Kangaroo Rhythm features drumming patterns inspired by the Australian didgeridoo. We'll learn a traditional song and "sit-down dance" from the Torres Strait Islanders called "Taba Naba"; and with "Hand in Hand," we'll explore body percussion and sing a three-part round. We'll jam and solo-sing to the reggae beat of "Every Day's a Good Day" and, of course, have lots of fun moving like "Krazy Kangarooz"! All 18 songs in this collection have been chosen and arranged specifically to support each student's music development.This semester’s Join us this Summer!