Spring is coming!


Virtual Spring Classes are coming!

Spring classes April 12 - June 10 weeks of classes

$250* plus 10 registration fee 

Special programs (Pleasant Hill and Great Beginnings meet 7 times)

30 minute classes through Zoom invitation

Sign up for one class, but you can attend up to 3 on-line classes per week.


Class schedule

Mondays 1s - MaryEllen at 9:30

Mondays baby munchkins - MaryEllen at 12:00

Mondays mixed ages - MaryEllen at 3:30

Mondays 3s & 4s - Amy at 11:00

Tuesdays 1s - Rachel at 9:30 (4/21 start date)

Tuesdays 2s - Rachel at 10:30 (4/21 start date)

Tuesdays 3s & 4s - Adrienne at 11:30 

Wednesdays 1s- Marcy at 9:30

Wednesdays 2/3s- Marcy at 10:30

Wednesdays babies - Marcy at 12:00

Thursdays 1s/2s - Amy at 10:00

Thursdays 1s - Eileen at 9:45

Thursdays 2s - Eileen at 10:30

Fridays 1s/2s - Robin at 9:30

Fridays 3s & 4s - Eileen at 1:00

Sunday baby munchkins - Mila at 9:00

Sundays 1s - Mila at 9:45

Sundays 2s - Mila at 10:30

Sundays 3s & 4s - Mila at 11:15


Use the make up scheduler for your extra classes: https://app.mainstreetsites.com/dmn3388/makeups.aspx


We will add more classes as demand increases



At Musical Munchkins, the most important ingredient to our classes is FUN! Your child will get his/her first introduction to music and will leave Musical Munchkins with a great ear for rhythmic and melodic sounds and, of course, they will be joyfully singing!


Musical Munchkins' unique program offers age appropriate classes for babies, 1 year olds, 2 year olds and 3 and 4 year olds. Each session is unique and challenges your child. Virtual on-line classes will run for 30 minutes