West Side Music Together
Make-Up Scheduler

  1. Make-up classes are a bonus and a service to you, as we really want you to receive a full set of classes, however they are not guaranteed.
  2. Make-ups spots are per family (not per student). A family with two children may book one make-up spot.
  3. Make-up classes may only be scheduled through the online Make-up Scheduler and are offered on a space available basis within the current term. Maximum four make-up classes per term.
  4. Make-up spots are offered if classes are missed due to illness, travel, or extenuating circumstances.
  5. If you are unable to attend your scheduled make up time, please cancel your make-up space online by 8pm otherwise it will be considered one of your make up classes. Try to make up missed classes ASAP or schedule them in advance if you know will be out of town one week.
  6. Please do not drop-in to classes to see if the make-up space is open. You are welcome to contact us if you would like more information about sapces and availability.


Thank you for booking your Make-up class. If you need to cancel your make-up, just come back to this site and cancel by 8pm the night before.


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