Demo Class Scheduler

Thank you for scheduling a demo class with Musical Munchkins.  In this unprecedented time during covid, I welcome you to our new virtual platform.  You will receive a link shortly for our zoom demo class. In order to make the most of your demo class, please be there on time, and we ask that you fully participate with your child.  IN this virtual experience, I will be interacting with you and your children, as we sing, clap, dance, bounce, play instruments, and have lots of fun.  Your role is important- Participation is the key. I have found it best if you can, have a special music spot where you and your child can sit-, just like in our regular classroom. Have a space that is free of other toys, if possible, except for your musical instruments, (shakers, drums, rhythm sticks, or any other instruments your children like to play). a loved stuffy and a scarf for movement are great props to have on hand. Also, please  Do not give food to your child during our time together, so you and they can fully participate in the fun. 
You will be in the waiting room until I invite you in.  I want to start on time, so please be a few minutes beforehand to check your video and sound, and to get settled before class starts- I also like to take a few minutes to answer any questions and get to know each other. I will be asking you to mute and unmute during class, but when I am playing the guitar or other instrument, for clear sound and less distortion, please mute yourself. Thank you and I am looking forward to our time together.
Miss Andrea