photo Nate Glaser


Nathan Glaser is the original self-taught member of the Glaser family. After a few years of college, when he realized he knew more about computers than his teachers did, he left and began to simultaneously work in the tech field and teach himself everything he could. From his beginnings building computers and programming them to now running the internet and writing programs for Alexa, Nathan has not stopped learning. His excitement for the world of technology is contagious, just ask his 3 homeschooled kids who live in a smart home controlled from dad's phone! It even tells them when to fold the laundry! Nate looks forward to spreading the love of technology to the kiddos in his classes. 

photo Sharon Osborne

With an economics background, and entrepreneurial and non-profit experiences, Sharon brings her business wisdom to lead Latitude.  She began her career in the non-profit world in fundraising at a Washington, DC based think tank.  Later, she jumped careers to manage marketing for a manufacturing business she helped to create.  In later years, she served as a board member to several NH non-profits.  Sharon is the mother of three homeschooled children, each with divergent learning styles and needs.  She began Latitude as a way to provide quality child-respectful classes taught by exceptional instructors, and to make a community home for homeschoolers in the central NH region.  More than that, her vision for Latitude is to continually expand educational alternatives to ensure that more children and individuals find the unique learning paradigm that works for their needs.  

photo Kathryn Michelotti

Kitty has been educating children in non-traditional settings for over 20 years. Using farms, summer camps, and even her own kitchen as backdrops for instructing children and adults of all ages. As a true “Jane of all Trades,” Kitty prides herself on knowing a little about everything. Kitty has been a farmer, educator, firefighter, writer, and student. Her true passions lie in discovering what ignites the “spark” in each of her students.

Kitty has bachelor degrees in Animal Science and English, and a masters degree in Extension Education. Switzerland, New York, New Hampshire, and Colorado, are a few of the places Kitty has had the privilege of teaching and living. Kitty has taught in several homeschool coops in NH, coached Lego league, and can often be found unschooling her 3 boys.

photo Robert Daniel

Robert Daniel is a professional guide to education who has worked as a private school, high school, and middle school social studies teacher, as a community college instructor and as a full time assistant to home schooled families.  Mr. Daniel was born in Toronto and moved to the U.S.A. in 1994.  He has graduate degrees in education, history and political science from top North American universities.  These beliefs are axiomatic to him: 1) Young people are always actively seeking knowledge, they do not need to be forced to learn; 2) The purpose of education is to scaffold the development of a student into a responsible autonomous individual capable of living in a free society; and 3) an effective educator works by inspiring students and being a resource, not by demanding compliance.

photo Jon Pawelko

Jon Pawelko is the owner/developer of Liberty Software Academy, an online programming school for teens and adults.  Jon has been teaching coding for 3+ years after wrapping up a 27 year career as an IT Consultant, including 2 semesters at Mosaic Explore in Manchester, NH.  Jon studied Improv and sketch comedy while living in Chicago and has hosted several Improv Jams in the New Hampshire area.  Jon has undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Economics from Rutgers University and a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology.

photo Unchartered Tutoring

Unchartered Tutoring teaches educational concepts and life lessons using art. Based out of Manchester, they offer cross-curricular, multi-dimensional art classes at their studio, to schools throughout southern New Hampshire, and at other locations as well.  Their art classes are integrated with math and science, or other fields.  Unchartered believes that students who learn to explore complex subjects on their own and who use creativity to solve problems develop important life skills. They continue to see benefits past the duration of the course.  See more at www.unchartered.org.

  Christina Knickerbocker

Christina Knickerbocker brings with her a varied background.  With a Bachelors in Anthropology, her myriad work experiences include higher education, real estate, and marketing.  She has been homeschooling her four children for a number of years, has lead Destination Imagination programs for four years, and has worked with numerous organizations in support of forwarding individualized education.

photo Let's Play Music

For over 25 years, Let's Play Music, based out of Derry, NH, has been a local leader in teaching music to kids.  They offer a comprehensive music and visual art program with a satellite location in Manchester.  Their mission is to enrich lives through arts education, and to support students' creative growth through their dynamic studio community.  They prioritize a cohesive educational experience for people of all ages.  They offer lessons from early childhood on up.  


Instructors from Let's Play Music at Latitude include:

Anna Latulippe: Ukulele, Music Exploration, and Advanced Ukulele

Will Latulippe: Drumming

Lucas: Children's Choir, Older Student Choir, Chorale

photo Renaissance Kids

Based in Derry, Renaissance Kids is an educational group that offers classes in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math).  Their classes are designed from the bottom up, allowing customization for the learning experience to each child. The classes are created by a combination of adult sized kids, technology experts, and educators. Their offerings continue to expand with new and interesting classes, but their basic core classes include Robotics, Physical Sciences, Green Screen Animation, Catapults, Flight, Simple Circuits, Environmental Science, Structures, and Chemistry. More information can be found at https://renaissancekid.org/.

photo Thrive Outdoors

Thrive Outdoors is a leadership, stress management, & life navigation organization that uses wilderness survival and nature as its primary tools.

They serve the Greater Boston and New England area, providing their students and participants the opportunity to unplug and reconnect while using their leaders’ training, experience, and compassion – as well as natures proven resources - to teach real world leadership, team-building, positive mindset, stress reduction, coping, and self worth realization skills. The participants will also learn important survival skills that will see them through tough situations, wherever their journey takes them. More information can be found at www.thriveoutdoorsnh.com.

photo Eric Kingsley of Brickapalooza

Offering LEGO Themed education at Community Centers, Schools, Museums, and at their very own education and party center, Brickapalooza has a wide variety of classes to offer kids.  These classes range from general building to public speaking and mechanical engineering.  Our hands-on LEGO themed classes encourage students to think creatively and collaborate with fellow students to come up with unique solutions to solve a variety of problems.  Our classes are developed to inspire imagination and creativity, and most importantly, make learning fun.  More information can be found about Brickapalooza at www.Brickapalooza.com.

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  Susan Michelson
Susan is the senior student and assistant instructor at The School of Warrior Arts (SOWA), a martial art school in Windham NH.  Studying a martial art has facilitated many of her passions to work cohesively together: mentoring, equipping, and empowering students of all ages unto health in body, soul, and spirit.  This certainly includes taking care for your personal body, but also includes developing your mind and thought life, your foundations and perspectives, your hopes and dreams, and learning how to refine these things when needed and how to get from where you are to where you want to be.  She will teach you a proper punch and kick, but more than that she hopes you leave having gained some personal confidence, things to think about, and life skills to apply wherever you find yourself in life’s journey. 
She is presently a Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in the Uechi Ryu system, a local business owner with her husband, a homeschooling Mama, and part of the Crossing Life Church community leadership teams.  She resides with her family in Windham, NH.


  Viviana Figueroa

An Ecuadorian native, Viviana has lived most of her life in the US, so is fluent in both Spanish and English.   She minored in Spanish at Oregon State University while working and volunteering at the Latino community center, and later worked as a Spanish GED assistant and instructor.  Currently, she is a Spanish instructor and works with students of all ages (ranging from kids to adults). Viviana is cheerful and welcoming and a patient teacher who fosters an open, fun, and engaging approach to teaching Spanish.

  Mahtab Lak
  Melissa Lewis
photo Hugh Macgregor

Hugh Macgregor is a classically-trained actor with almost two decades experience as an actor, theatre director and teacher. He holds a Masters in Advanced Teaching of Shakespeare, a course taught by the Royal Shakespeare Company, and is one of just three graduates with Distinction. Hugh served as Director of Theatre at St. Paul’s School until 2019, having previously spent seven years at Wellington College, UK, where he also led the theatre program. He has directed almost 80 productions, including national and international tours, and is a Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Hugh lives in Concord with his wife (author, Virginia Macgregor) and their three young children.

  Flying Gravity Circus
  Artisan Eagle

Artisan Eagle's team of artists brings out the inner artist out in everyone.  Located in Hooksett, NH, the instructors teach different techniques that will help you develop art that is as unique as you are.