Ballet Afrique
photo China Smith

China Smith has found her calling. As a performer, director, teacher, producer, and now, Founding Executive Director of Ballet Afrique and East Austin Performing Arts, China's breadth of experiences has prepared her for this point, the opening of the Ballet Afrique Dance Academy and Company Dance Studio. Raised in East Austin herself, as well as teaching dance for over eight years in East Austin schools and performing arts programs, China found limited opportunities for exposure to African American art, which she felt was crucial to the self empowerment of her young predominantly African American students. With strong roots in the community, China has not only the vision, but the deep insight and experience necessary to make such a project a successful reality.

  Carly Criscoe

  Janelle Townsel


  Atticus Rodrigues
  Jessy Martinez
  Diana Soltero
  Cameron Blunt