It's really amazing to see how my daughter is loving & processing music together. She's been attending for a year now, she's 22 months and I catch her several times a day where she sings the songs to herself, and correctly hitting the notes! It's fascinating! 


We are a returning family! Thank you for providing such an educational and fun program for our children. We are excited to start up again in January!

TJ Girard

"I love the class! I know so many more songs and new tricks for how to keep my baby stimulated and happy!" -from our Babies Only class.

Holley West

"Music Together has been an enriching and joyful part of our lives for more than four years now! We've witnessed our daughter's, and now our son's blossoming musicality and love of all things musical."

Helaine, mother to Leila and Leo

Please can I share how incredible Bill is at his class. I have been able to attend a few of the classes and love the energy and passion that he brings to the class. My daughter and nanny both rave about it, and are looking forwards to returning!

parent to F, age 2

We are moving to Philadelphia next week. Thank you for all the beautiful music you have brought into our lives. It's a very special class and we will miss it very much. We'll look for Music Together in Philly.
Enjoy your summer!

Love, Justine, Tyson, Theo & Las

On Parent Education and Live Music Entertainment night, Spring 2008:

Hi Chava and Rene,
Thank you so much for the wonderful evening yesterday! I really enjoyed it and thought that the muscial talent of you as well as the other teachers was/is amazing! Too bad so few people were able to hear and enjoy it...
Anyway, thank you again!

Irena (mom to Stefan and Jurian)

"I wanted to let you know how much Carter enjoys music together classes. He is 14 months old now and absolutely LOVES music. Whenever he hears music his head turns and he starts to bop...his favorite song (yes, he does have a favorite) is 'I'm a bell'. Whenever he is stressed out driving in the car or at home, I put this song on and he relaxes. He sings the 'ding-a-ding'part of the song to the cd and I have also heard him singing this a cappella to himself at night when he is going to sleep. So, thank you for helping make music an everyday part of my son's life."


"Thank you for such a wonderful engaging experience!"

Kira, Emmett's mom

"Thank you so much for such an enjoyable class. Taylor truly enjoyed every moment and brought those moments home with her."

Kari and Taylor

"Matilda LOVES your class. Thank you so much for offering it. We are very grateful."

Kyle & Gaines

Just wanted to say thanks for the great classes. Amira sings the songs all of the time and always wants to hear "her music".


"Zeke and I would definitely like to sign up again. I can't imagine a song that
Zeke would like more than "Betty Martin"-- every time I sing it to him
he instantly becomes calm and happy. Im sure we will discover more
favorities this semester."


I bought Donovan this tiny guitar which came with a harmonica, a maraca, and bells on a stick. He absolutely LIT UP when he saw the guitar and has been walking around singing the Music Together class song "Hello Everybody". He walks in the apt and yells "I WANT GUITAR!" and "I WANT HELLO EVERYBODY!" So we sing and sing "Hello to..." using every possible relative/neighbor/daycare-mates name, and of course Rene, until I can pry it out of his hands so he can eat.
Another new thing is that Sesame Street has been partially funded/sponsored by Music Together and before some episodes lately they show the MT drawing and the flute Hello Everybody theme song for a bit and Donovan goes berserk pointing at the TV yelling "MOMMY LOOK!"
So all of that is to remind you that you all are providing a GREAT service and everything you do has totally sunk in. And I LOVE it and am SO appreciative.

Carrie & Donovan

Simon has SO enjoyed Music Together – it's just been a joyful experience for him and he loves Rene. Thank you so much for running a great class.

-Cecilia Clarke

Hi, I just want to say how thoroughly we love and enjoy our class and Joanna!! We will be sure to sign up for the Spring session (and beyond!) and are quick to recommend this wonderful curriculum and program. Thank you!! :)



Hi Chava and Rene,
I just wanted to write to you to let you know how much we love Joanna as a teacher. She teaches with enthusiasm and joy and treats the children with respect and love. As an Early Childhood teacher myself, I appreciate how age-appropriate her classes are, even above and beyond the Music Together principals. Her ability to engage children and incorporate their own celebrations of music into the song is really a gift. Joanna is excellent, and we'll keep coming back to take classes from her.

Emily, Tye (3) and Etta (1)

"My son has been in Music Together since his first Babies Only class at 3 months old. Now, at 18 months, he already plays the drum in time consistently, anticipates the hand movements of all the songs we do in class, and gets so much joy out of the CD from the class. He gets up every morning and asks, "Dancing?" so we'll put on the CD. It is such a joy to have found such an engaging program for both the children and their parents that is age appropriate, fun, and educational! Thank you Music Together!"



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