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Make-Up Scheduler

For Currently Enrolled Families Only

Hello Dear Families!

Thanks for using our online make-up scheduler.

To schedule a makeup, click 'continue' below. Then type in the access key: wiggle. 

If you can't make it to your scheduled make-up, be sure to cancel it on the scheduler  so it will let you reschedule another time.

Three makeups are allowed per session for each child.

Two children? Please note: If you have two children, it's best if you can schedule a separate space for each child. But, if this is too difficult (sometimes two spaces in a class are difficult to find), please e-mail us (use our "Contact" button) to let us know what day/time you were hoping to bring two kids to one space. We can often accommodate two, but some classes are so full, that it's not always possible. We are happy to work with you, though, so please ask!

I hope you find this service easy to use; let me know if you have problems!

Songs and smiles,