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All children 0 - 5 welcome

 “Your class gives my son confidence and stronger language. I have tried both Kindermusik and Music Together. Hands down, the content and overall experience at Sprouting Melodies is much better than theirs. Sprouting Melodies was the very best music class we’ve ever participated in. You’re so good at what you do. We were never less than impressed. I know it’s your credentials and expertise that make your class so much more than a typical music class.”


Click image for a video clip of a Sprouting Melodies class in action

Roman Music Therapy Services, LLC has been providing Sprouting Melodies classes for over six years, earning “Bestof Boston” and “Family Favorite” accolades from the “Boston Parents Paper” as well as a loyal following and praise fromthe over 400 families reached during that period. We know, however, that you may wish to be sure your child will engage before investing your resources. We therefore welcome new families to try out one class before registering.

You pay for the test class only if you register. To schedule a test drive class (demo), click "continue" and review the available times for classes you might be interested in for your child, click on "schedule a demo" and complete the information as requested. If you have questions, contact our office.

For a list of the available classes and a brief description: 




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