Kanata Music Centre
KMC 2017/18 School Policy




REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT:  A student's registration is considered complete when the registration form and payments have been set up and approved by the Kanata Music Centre administration.  The annual registration fee (non-refundable), the material fee (non-refundable) are required at the time of registration in order to reserve your spot in the course/schedule.

*September tuition will be withdrawn on Aug 1, 2017.

*In the case of withdrawal from a registered class before September, written notice by end of day July 31, 2017 is required to receive full refund, minus the registration fee.

MONTHLY TUITION: A monthly tuition associated with your registered class(s) will be billed to your registered credit card on the first of each month (October -->June) *The only exception is Glee Club, Learn to Play Ukulele in 4 weeks! and Senior Keyboard classes where NO monthly tuition is billed because the total is paid at the time of registration.

FULL TUITION PAYMENT: This option is provided to our families by request. Full payment is to be given at time of registration

Full Year class - Save $23 per each registered class. Request a coupon code at time of registration.
Term Classes where a monthly tuition applies - Save $10 for each registered term class. Request a coupon code at time of registration.

*In case of withdrawal before the end of the year a $5 administrative fee will apply

DECLINED PAYMENT:  A $25 fee will be applied to a student account if more than one declined payment charge occurs within the school year. Please remember to update your account with any new cards to help prevent this charge.

REGISTRATION FEES:  The registration fee is $38 per course with a family rate of $70 per academic year (a max. of 4 registrations).  If the maximum limit of four registrations is reached during the academic year the fifth and all other proceeding  registration fees will be $20 for each course enrolled. The academic year is from September 1 to August 31. Registration fees are non-refundable unless Kanata Music Centre cancels the class that the student was enrolled in.

LESSON START DATE:  Kanata Music Centre reserves the right to determine the start date for all lessons. Start dates may be postponed if enrollment is not sufficient to form a group.

CANCELLATION OF A CLASS: Kanata Music Centre reserves the right to cancel any class with low enrollment (under 5 students) that has not started.  Every effort will be made to transfer the student to a similar class or offer an alternate option.

TERMINATION:  One month’s notice is required to withdraw from Kanata Music Centre.  Upon receiving your notice of withdrawal, one additional month of tuition will be processed (e.g. if a client were to withdraw between March 1 and March 31st, the April payment would processed at the time of withdrawl notice. The student would be eligible to attend class till the end of March). There are no refunds/credits for all Glee Clubs (Term only) and Senior Keyboard Class except due to illness (a physician’s letter must be provided).

* A student may not withdraw from a group class and then re enrol in that same group class within academic year(September-June).  If the student would like to re-enrol after termination they will need to wait for the next open registration period and then proceed to enrol in the same class level they withdrew from.*

ANNUAL CONCERT FEES:  The end of year concert fee is included in the annual tuition fees of all classes with the exception of; Music Wonderland and Seniors Keyboard Club.  These students may be invited to participate in the concert (concert fee applies). There will be no tuition credit or refund of the concert fee if the student does not participate in the concert.

MISSED GROUP LESSONS:   Missed group lessons on your part (illness, vacations etc.) are not rescheduled or refunded.  The only exception to this policy is, if the Kanata Music Centre cancels the class and did not schedule a makeup lesson before the end of the academic year.  Weather related cancellations are not considered a missed group lesson. If extra help sessions are needed these may be scheduled at the instructor’s discretion for an additional cost.

MISSED PRIVATE LESSONS:  Private lessons cancelled by the student due to illness only can be made up provided that a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.  A maximum of 3 lesson cancellations will be accepted for make-up, per academic year.  If a student reaches the maximum number they will be notified that all following missed, rescheduled or cancelled lessons by the student will no longer be rescheduled.  Weather related cancellations are not considered a missed lesson.

WEATHER-RELATED LESSON CANCELLATION:  Kanata Music Centre does not issue refunds or make-up lessons for the FIRST weather-related cancellation.  If a class is cancelled due to weather more than once per academic year, the school will schedule a makeup lesson for the missed class on the next pre scheduled makeup day.

MAKEUP CLASSES - Make up dates are identified on the school calendar.  It is the requirement of the student to know when these sessions are and be available to attend each one.  If classes/lessons are cancelled due to weather, then the policy for weather related cancellation is implemented.

  • Group Lessons - If your class is cancelled, it will be rescheduled to the next available make up date.  If you are unable to attend this class it will not be rescheduled or refunded.

  • Private Lessons -  If your lesson is cancelled or you have given 24 hours notice due to illness (up to a maximum of 3 times).   Every effort will be made to make up this lesson right away, if no arrangement can be made before the next pre scheduled makeup day, the make-up session must be attended.  If you are unable to attend your lesson it will not be rescheduled or refunded.

LENGTH OF LESSON FOR SMALL GROUPS:  Kanata Music Centre reserves the right to adjust the length of the lesson time at any point in the year should the size of the group class decrease as follows.  

Size of Group

Tuition Fee

Length of Lesson

3 students

Group rate

45 min. lesson

2 students

Group rate

30 min. lesson


CLASSROOM GUIDELINES: Kanata Music Centre believes that a positive, fun and stimulating environment is vital in ensuring every student's success. Given that, we reserve the right to withdraw or transfer a student if we feel they are consistently not following the guidelines of the classroom.  In the rare case of complete withdrawal of the school any remaining tuition would be returned.

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: Studies have shown that parental involvement in your children's music education is one of the strongest indicators of student achievement.  If you plan to leave the centre during the lesson please be back before the end of your child’s lesson.  It is not the school's responsibility to mind your children after their lesson is finished.

  • Group Lessons - Both the parent and the child participate together is mandatory in Music Wonderland, Junior Music Course 1 & 2, and the Young Musicians Course 1.  As the child gets older and more mature, parental involvement may decrease at the teacher's discretion.

  • Private Lessons - Parents are not permitted in their children's private lesson unless their teacher has requested this.  

CATCH UP LESSONS: These lessons are offered for an additional cost at the discretion of the teacher.  Lessons must be booked and paid for in advance.  These sessions are non refundable and cannot be rescheduled.

SWITCHING CLASSES/TEACHERS: One switch between days/classes/teachers per school year can be accommodated, after that an administrative charge of $25 per switch will be applied to your account

JUNIOR ORIGINAL CONCERT: The Junior Original Concert (JOC) is a unique opportunity in which children, who have enrolled in Yamaha Music Education group programs (present and past), perform their own original compositions in front of broad audience. The JOC nurtures creativity and composition taught in the Yamaha curriculum.  We encourage all eligible children to participate. *NEW 2017/18 - Children must be present and participate in our school’s JOC concert in order to receive their certificate and pin.

SUMMER LESSONS: Private lessons are offered throughout the summer.  Lessons must be booked and paid for in advance.  These sessions are non refundable and cannot be rescheduled.