Kindermusik with Debbie, LLC
Summer & School Year Discounts


EARLY BIRD: register by August 1st and automatically receive $3 off each monthly payment.

NEW FAMILY: if you missed the Early Bird discount, but are a NEW family and register by November 1st for the school year, you can receive $3 off each monthly installment.  Enter code NF

SIBLING DISCOUNTS: Second child in a DIFFERENT class = $7 discount each month on the SECOND child's fees. Enter coupon code 2SIB in the coupon box for the 2nd child only.

If you are enrolling two children in the SAME class, the SECOND child will automatically receive a monthly discount of $17 if enrolling in a VILLAGE class, $12 if enrolling in an OUR TIME, or IMAGINE THAT class, or $7 if enrolling in a YOUNG CHILD class.

REFERRAL REWARDS:  When you refer a friend (new to our program) who enrolls in a school year class, email us and you will receive $15 off of your next monthly payment.  Your friend will receive a free CD & Egg Shaker.  There is NO LIMIT to referral rewards!

2nd TIME AROUND: If you already have the class home materials from a previous sibling's enrollment, contact us for your additional monthly savings. NOTE: When you first start the online registration process, there is a drop-down box that asks whether you have any of these unit's home materials. $10 a month for those particular units of Village, Our Time, or Imagine That. $8 a month for the Young Child units (because the child will still need a sibling kit) 


EARLY BIRD: register by May 31st and automatically receive $3 off tuition, per session & per child.  Register by June 30 for Session B Early Bird discount.

Second child in the SAME class, automatic discounts are built in as follows:

Busy Days: $32 less for 2nd child
Zoo Train: $16 less for 2nd child
Make Believe: $19 less for 2nd child
Drums, drums, drums or Jazz Kitchen: $21 less for 2nd child

Carnival of Music: $19 less for 2nd child. Babies 6-12 months = $32 cost. Babies 0-6 mo. FREE

SUMMER-LONG DISCOUNT: Enroll the same child in both Session A & B and receive $6 off that child's total. Enter Coupon Code: ab.  If enrolling two children in Sessions A & B, use coupon absib for the second child. 
Busy Days SUMMER LONG DISCOUNT: If you are enrolling your child in BOTH sessions of Busy Days (the baby class) you will not need a 2nd set of home materials, so enter code abbd to receive $30 off of Session B fees.

FRIEND DISCOUNT: Enroll a friend who is NEW to our program and BOTH will receive $6 off your total. (You don't have to be in the same class) Contact us for this coupon code.