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Spend quality time with your little one(s) and meet new Mom's and Dad's in a Music Together® Class! As you sing, dance, and play, you'll learn lots of musical ways to support your child's development. Class is designed for children from birth through kindergarten (5 yr olds). Children learn and laugh from each other in a mixed age setting. Grownups have just as much fun! Each session has a new song collection, and you can start at any time in the 3 year curriculum cycle rotation.

Your tuition includes: a professionally recorded CD and a beautifully illustrated songbook with family activity suggestions. Classes include parent education to help adults understand and enhance their child's music development. Families will also receive a quarterly e-newsletter and access to the national informative website. New families receive an informational booklet, "Music Together At Home: Helping Your Child Grow Musically"; a guide for parents and caregivers, and a musical growth chart to track their little ones' musical milestones. 

Tell your friends! As a special thank you for referring other families who may enroll with you - you may receive a $20 future credit applied to future Music Together class sessions for EACH family you refer that enrolls! (no limit! ... if you spread the word to enough families, you could attend class for free! :)