The Music Garden, PTC


If you are registering for different class types or different summer camps, you MUST do separate registrations FOR EACH STUDENT.  

If you are enrolling more than one child into different class TYPES..see below.. (i.e. one in Year 1, one in Year 3, one in Poppies, one in Presto) please submit separate registrations. Please make sure to add the Child 2 discount code to the youngest child's registration.  Two children into the same class TYPE can be combined on one registration - make sure to add the Child 2 discount code.     

Materials are either included as part of the tuition / registration fee (i.e.Periwinkles, summer camps) or ordered by you after registration on a separate website (Poppies, Let's Play Music, Presto, etc) - you will be given instructions after we receive your registration.  See our website for materials fee details. 

At checkout you can choose to pay an initial registration fee and have the balance of the tuition paid in installments.   *This option is applicable to yearly classes only*



  • Periwinkles: Ages 6 to 36months
  • Music for Families: Ages 6 months to 4 years
  • Poppies: Ages 3 and 4
  • Year 1 - Let's Play Music:  starting at Ages 5, 6
  • Year 2 - Let's Play Music:  Prerequisite - for graduates of Year 1
  • Year 3 - Let's Play Music:  Prerequisite - for graduates of Year 2
  • Presto I:  Beginning group piano for Ages 7 1/2 to 12
  • Presto II:  Prerequisite - for granduates of Presto II
  • Bridge:  Prerequisite - for geaduates of Let's Play Music Year 3
Discount Coupon (not applicable for Summer classes/camps):  When prompted during registration, this is where you can apply your sibling discount,   When enrolling more than one child per family, please enroll in birth order, with the oldest child being first. For the second child, apply the discount coupon titled "2nd Child".  If your discounts are inadvertently applied incorrectly, we will manually adjust the total tuition due and notify you. (no coupons are enabled for Summer Sessions)