Bang A Beat Family-Centred Therapies
RDI 101: A Class For Parents
Kira Matthes B.A. Psych., RDI Consultant (CIT)
Bang A Beat - South West Winnipeg (216 - 1460 Chevrier Blvd) (map and directions)
Thursday, 7:15 PM - 8:45 PM
01/18/18 - 02/08/18 (4 weeks)

Learn the RDI basics in this 4-week parent course!  RDI 101: A Class For Parents uses parent-education, take-home assignments, open discussions and hands-on practice to offer parents an introduction to the world of Relationship Development Intervention! RDI focuses on teaching parents how to be their child's #1 teacher and guide in life! This course will feature a new parent education topic each week, accompanied by 'try this at home' assignments.  The goals is to have parents develop a baseline understanding of RDI, and to give parents the chance to consider how it could work for their families in the future.

RDI goes outside the “treatment room,” so even though parents are learning new skills alongside their consultant, they also need to practice those skills at home with their child in order for them to really stickand make that life-long difference.  One way we support parents in learning new things is to have them submit videos of themselves practicing. By reviewing your video, your consultant can give you the most relevant, personalized feedback possible, and you know you’re moving in the right direction.

Parents who participate in this class will have their own opportunity to try out this learning style! By submitting one video at anytime throughout our 4 weeks together,
parents will get a glimpse of what an individualized RDI program would offer!