Musical Munchkins
Music for 2s and 3s
Rachel Berman
Young Israel Of New Rochelle (CALL FOR BUILDING ACCESS CODE) (map and directions)
Tuesday, 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM
09/19/17 - 12/05/17 (12 weeks)

I can do it myself - Independence Day is here! This is a wonderful age for making music, as children are eager to participate in independent activities while learning to observe and follow the example of the teacher. The children now have a choice of being with their grownup or sitting as a group with their teacher. Echo singing and call and response are encouraged to develop language, listening, and pitch matching skills. They are developing a longer attention span and are able to follow directions during movement sequences as they learn the rhythmic differences between walk, run, tippy toe, gallop and march. Using our many varied instruments, children learn how to make "soft" and "loud" sounds, and when to play "fast" or "slow". Circle dances, creative movement, puppets, felt board activities, and songbooks provide a creative dimension to their music making experience.

Through the use of various instruments, children will learn how to make “soft and loud” sounds and when to play “fast and slow.” They will start to play together as a group and learn to accompany themselves on various instruments as they sing.