Spy Academy
Mad Science Instructor
(Creative Studio at Chisholm Trail): *Minifigure Classroom (map and directions)
Mon - Fri, 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
06/18/18 - 06/22/18 (5 days)


Become a Mad Science secret spy and take a fascinating journey into the world of detection, forensics and classified information. Learn code language to send secret messages as part of your mission. Go undercover and decode messages from other agents using your top secret clearance. Investigate a pretend crime scene and sift through clues to crack the case. Join the Mad Science Bureau of Investigation and sniff out forgeries and counterfeits. Take home projects include a detective kit, spy glasses and more!

  • Designed for students ages 6-12

Upcoming Meetings
06/18/18    1:30 PM Monday 06/18/18 1:30 PM
06/19/18    1:30 PM Tuesday 06/19/18 1:30 PM
06/20/18    1:30 PM Wednesday 06/20/18 1:30 PM
06/21/18    1:30 PM Thursday 06/21/18 1:30 PM
06/22/18    1:30 PM Friday 06/22/18 1:30 PM