Creative Brick Builders Studio
BrickLAB Builders
Creative Brick Builders Instructor
West Cypress Hills Elementary (LTISD) (location map)
Friday, 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM
10/20/17 - 12/01/17 (6 weeks)


BrickLab Builders: Creatures and Critters

Explore some of our world's special creatures, through hands-on building projects and some imagination. Students will discover a new animal and habitat each week, and will demonstrate the diversity of wildlife adaptations, the differences in habitats, and examples of species survival.  Students work with a partner on a new building project each week, plus enjoy creative building time with LEGO® bricks and their imaginations!. Emails with concepts, vocabulary, and a picture of the model allow families to explore and build together after class. Everyone takes home a custom LEGO® minifigure each session! (Students re-use the model kit parts each week, so models don't go home.)

Upcoming Meetings
10/27/17    2:45 PM Friday 10/27/17 2:45 PM
11/03/17    2:45 PM Friday 11/03/17 2:45 PM
11/10/17    2:45 PM Friday 11/10/17 2:45 PM
11/17/17    2:45 PM Friday 11/17/17 2:45 PM
12/01/17    2:45 PM Friday (Moved from: 11/24/17) 11/24/17 2:45 PM (Moved from: 11/24/17)