Creative Brick Builders Studio
Mystical Worlds: Dragons, Elves, and Wizards
Creative Brick Builders Instructor
Great Oaks Elementary (RRISD) (location map)
Mon - Thu, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
07/17/17 - 07/20/17 (4 days)

Prepare to enter a fantasy world of mystical creatures, mythology and (pretend) magic! Campers will use LEGO® bricks in their quest to master potions and mystical creature challenges. Build fortresses, explore secret passages and labyrinths, and create catapults and trebuchets to defend the village. Campers will design a coat of arms, tame a dragon, concoct potions, and make a mosaic.

Each camper takes home a LEGO nametag, a minifigure and an accessory at the end of each camp session. Students also will receive a bonus take‐home kit of LEGO bricks, custom‐designed exclusively for our camps!

--> Designed for LEGO® enthusiasts entering grades 1-5