Creative Brick Builders Studio
Treasure Island Adventure
Creative Brick Builders Instructor
Deerpark Middle School (RRISD-NWest) (location map)
Mon - Thu, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
07/31/17 - 08/03/17 (4 days)


Hoist the sails and venture forth on an expedition to search for hidden treasure! Campers will form teams to follow a treasure map, encountering pirates and adventure along the way. Teams will solve daily challenges include building rafts to test out buoyancy, making crafts, constructing motorized models, and learning to sing sea shanties for their hearty team of brick explorers. Each day includes plenty of creative building time using our amazing assortment of LEGO® bricks.

Each camper takes home a LEGO nametag, a minifigure and an accessory at the end of each camp session. Students also will receive a bonus take‐home kit of LEGO bricks, custom‐designed exclusively for our camps!

--> Designed for LEGO® enthusiasts entering grades K-2

07/31/17    9:00 AM Monday 07/31/17 9:00 AM
08/01/17    9:00 AM Tuesday 08/01/17 9:00 AM
08/02/17    9:00 AM Wednesday 08/02/17 9:00 AM
08/03/17    9:00 AM Thursday 08/03/17 9:00 AM