Kindermusik with Debbie, LLC

SCHOOL YEAR  2017-18 is from September 18--May 18th (30 classes total--5 weeks off during that time)  The total fees (30 class tuition + 2 (or 4) home materials) for these new themes has been divided into 9 equal monthly installments for easier budgeting.  Join anytime, and the per class tuition portion will be prorated. If registering mid-year, the total tuition for 15 classes + home materials cost, has been divided into 4 1/2 monthly installment payments.   If you enroll after the 1st class, your first payment will be adjusted to reflect the appropriate amount for home materials you will be receiving, minus any classes missed.  Thereafter, your future monthly installments will be at the shown price. Mid-year themes begin the week of January 22. 
* Approximate monthly installment payment will vary depending upon when you join.

SUMMER 2017: Session A begins the week of June 12th. Weekly classes, four or five week sessions. (NO classes the week of July 3-7)  Session B begins Aug. 1st through August 23.  Weekly classes, four week sessions.  

Class Schedule
Class Descriptions
VILLAGE (birth-23 months)


 Birth - 23 months  Caregiver and baby are together for the full 45 minute class.



OUR TIME (18 months-3 1/2 years)


18 months - 3½ years  Caregiver and child come together for the full 45 minutes.

IMAGINE THAT (3 1/2 - 5 years)


3½ - 5 years 45 minute class, Caregiver and any sibs join in for the first 5 minutes and the last 10-15 minutes


YOUNG CHILD YEAR 1 (5-7 years)

This first year of Young Child is Semesters 1 & 2.  In a group setting and with fun games and activities your child will learn to read and write music!  They'll transfer this knowledge and learn simple songs on their very own glockenspiel.  We'll also learn the instruments of the orchestra, Mozart, Beethoven and musical symbols and terms.  5-7 years.  Caregiver and any sibs join in for the last 15 minutes of each 60 minute class.

YOUNG CHILD YEAR 2 (5-7 years)

This 2nd year is for Young Child Semesters 3 & 4. Each child will receive their own dulcimer and recorder as well as continue to expand their playing on the glockenspiel and their understanding of musical theory. For children ages 5-7 years. Caregiver and any sibs join in for the last 15 minutes of each 60 minute class.