Wild Salamander Creative Arts Center
Michelle Landry
Wild Salamander (location info)
Mon - Fri, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
07/16/18 (1 week)


Students will have the opportunity to join Michelle Landry in creating a miniature camping diorama filled with fun and amazing little camping themed miniatures and details.  From a beach teepee to a pop tent, a flickering fire pit and miniature campfire food, your camping themed box will be as fun to set up at home as it is to make!  In addition to the camping box, students will also make tiny terrariums, as well as polymer clay charms to wear and decorate with.  This camp is perfect for the young artist that enjoys working small, is patient and detail oriented. 

FULL DAY STUDENTS: (Recommended)  Also Register for MINIATURES: OUTDOORS 1-4pm and lunch.
                     **Full day students will have a unique opportunity to create projects to add to their scenes that are not be available to the half day student.


Upcoming Meetings
07/16/18    1:00 PM Monday 07/16/18 1:00 PM
07/17/18    1:00 PM Tuesday 07/17/18 1:00 PM
07/18/18    1:00 PM Wednesday 07/18/18 1:00 PM
07/19/18    1:00 PM Thursday 07/19/18 1:00 PM
07/20/18    1:00 PM Friday 07/20/18 1:00 PM