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 Tuition fees for classes  are per month or per session NOT per class except drop in students! There are no drop in rates for the online Liturgical Dance Teacher Certification  Course.  To get more tuition information you must create an account or you can email us at

  • Tuition is due prior to the course or session beginning 
  • A LATE FEE of $10.00 may apply if  agreed upon payments are late
  • RETURNED CHECKS will be charged a $35.00 processing fee.


  • Cash, Check mailed in advance or in person, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover or American Express are welcome.
  • Payments may be paid online or  dropped off to the studio at class for all on location classes prior to class beginning. However, it saves time to do your payment online. Remember, only paying your registration and tuition will hold your space in class
  •  If you are taking an online classes, tuition must be paid online. There are 3 acceptable payment options click  here for more info. TWIM Liturgical Dance Certification Payment Options  
  •  After you create an account you will need to register and select your class. Once you register, your total fees will appear. You can choose the pay later option and then log back in and go to the  make a payment option, Then submit a payment towards your total balance. However, your enrollment in the class is not secured until the minimum required tuition for the class is submitted.
  •  Please request receipt for all cash payments

REGISTRATION As long as there is space available in the class then you can drop in at anytime. However, registering as a drop in will not secure your place in the class.  You may not register as a drop in student for any online classes.

  • REGISTRATION FEE is $25.00 per student, and $45.00 per family.  The registration fee is non-refundable. To enroll student must complete online registration and select  a class/course, and complete online waiver and policy agreement form.  payment & waiver agreement,  first month’s tuition/ course fees, as well as the $25.00 registration fee must be received before a student can be enrolled in any classes.
  • If you have just created an account you must Click here to Register for your class
  • All students must be  current on their  yearly registration.



 The Word In Motion Online Liturgical Dance Teacher Certification Course Tuition and Fees , Payment Options are available  click here for more info --> TWIM Liturgical Dance Certification Payment Options

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